The professions have a growing rank and prestige

The professions have a growing rank and prestige
The professions have a growing rank and prestige

The goal of the master’s program is to ensure high-level professional development, a master’s exam requires thorough preparation, so thanks go to the professional trainers and instructors. The president of the Veszprém County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, György Markovszky, called the occasion a joint celebration of the newly acquired master’s degree, as well as their instructors and assistants. He said that our history has given us a lot of bad luck, and our high-quality education has been partially made impossible, even though Hungarian master’s education once earned a reputation in Europe as well. “A master’s degree used to mean more than a diploma.” The fact that a young professional travels around the continent and is able to work as a master upon returning home is especially equivalent to two or three diplomas these days. Today, we have reached the point where the professions have a growing rank and prestige, but at the same time, the master’s degree also obliges the employer to pass on his knowledge and accept students, he said. The president then brought up an Austrian example. – Parents in our neighborhood expect their children to master the craft passed down in the family and eventually take over the family business. We, on the other hand, are still trying to correct the mistakes of the past seventy years and to ensure that the rising generations not only obtain the certificate, but also the necessary skills and abilities. I wish those who are now becoming masters to live up to everything they take with their oath, he said.

László Csizmadia, the vice president of the Veszprém County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Handicraft Section, spoke about the serious and beautiful exam, which the new masters have already passed, this ensures their development and gives them the opportunity to deal with young people and the supply chain at a higher level. “Hungary has a centuries-old tradition of the master’s examination, obtaining the title reflects high professional knowledge, and in some areas the master’s certificate is also a condition for independent work and starting a business,” he added.

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