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The biblical teachings of the Reformation spread unstoppably throughout Europe after its beginning in 1517. Anabaptism also appeared as a branch of the so-called radical reformation among the various lines of renewal. The Hungarian Baptists accepted 1523 as the year of the appearance of the Anabaptist mission in the Carpathian Basin. This was commemorated with a large-scale event on Sunday at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, where the Baptist Charity Service, which was founded 27 years ago in Fejér county and today operates a logistics center in Pákozdon, and the Baptist Church of Hungary awaited those interested for a joint gathering worthy of the commemorative year. Nearly ten thousand people accepted the invitation, and all tickets for the event were sold out.

According to Miklós Soltész, those who have a big problem or who want to completely divert attention from God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity and the Father must be brought to their senses
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In addition to many great artists, singers, musicians, and choir members, the Christian band The Afters from the United States and the evangelist Will Graham came to the stage, whose words calling for common prayer, confession and confirmation of faith were interpreted by Béla Szilágyi, the president of the aid organization. “The best thing we can do today is to choose for Jesus,” said Will Graham, Billy Graham’s grandson, in the Arena. Miklós Soltész, the State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office for Church and Ethnic Relations, who three and a half years ago, greeted the celebrants at the event. was also present at the handover of the logistics center of the Baptist Charity Service in Pákozd.

Will Graham’s evangelist grandfather was the one who interceded for the Hungarian Holy Crown to be brought home from the United States
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– Thank you for the work you do in the faith-based conviction, with which we try to move the world in a better direction and bring to mind those who have a big problem or who want to completely divert attention from God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity and the Father – others said next to Miklós Soltész. – I wish all of us a lot of strength for this. Thank you for this year and the past decades.

Many hundreds of those in the stands and on the arena professed or confirmed their Christian faith at the Baptist jubilee event
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Referring to the American guests, Miklós Soltész also thanked “the miracle” that at that time, in 1978, the Baptists had a prominent role in the effort that eventually led to the return of the Hungarian Holy Crown. At the request of the Hungarian Baptists, Billy Graham, the influential grandfather of the evangelist of Sunday’s event, intervened in the case of the return of the crown with the then – otherwise Baptist – President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Today we know very well that it was successful.

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