The city is full of posters of Ursula von der Leyen and Alex Soros

The city is full of posters of Ursula von der Leyen and Alex Soros
The city is full of posters of Ursula von der Leyen and Alex Soros

In all of this, only the a “beautiful”, that the Hungarian Prime Minister was not always angry with Ursula von der Leyen. In 2019, for example, he said the following about him: “Looking at a German lady with a Hungarian head and Hungarian eyes, I can tell the Hungarian audience that a serious lady has become the president of the European Commission. We have a committee president with serious experience and a brave mind, who understands what is happening in Central Europe, what we say, and what is important to Hungarians. This is especially true for the family. She thinks about the family like us Central Europeans or Hungarians: the family is important, perhaps the most important, the child comes first – we are talking about a mother with seven children – and our world must be arranged in such a way that our children can grow up safely. So the starting point, the starting point for the next five years of cooperation, is encouraging.” 444 wrote.

By the way, the government and the ruling party used EC President Jean-Claude Juncker in such a campaign before. It became a major scandal, primarily thanks to the European People’s Party (EPP), so much so that Minister Viktor Orbán promised to take down the posters in question. They did this before President Mandfred Weber arrived in Budapest.

Now the young democrats do not have to fear this, Fidesz has not been a member of the EPP for years. By the way, as Hírclikk also reported, from Monday Fidesz will start touring the country with the aim of personally convincing as many people as possible to participate in the national consultation.

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