The development of the Zala border cycling road network continues

The development of the Zala border cycling road network continues
The development of the Zala border cycling road network continues

Kerkateskánd, Lovászi and Tornyiszentmiklós are connected by the new, more than three-kilometer cycle path, which was built by the Zala County Municipality from the funds of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operative Program, connected to the existing cycle paths in the area, the municipality informed. As we wrote earlier, the development is divided into two sub-projects, the one centered in Szombathely Inter Mobility Kft. carried out.

The 3.1-kilometer bicycle path development that has been realized out of more than HUF 434 million is the continuation of the previously completed 10.3-kilometer bicycle path that touches Lenti, Kerkateskánd, Szécsisziget and Csömödér.

The goal of the project was to create a cycling-tourist route between the settlements, as a result of which the economy and employment can increase as a result of the tourism utilization of the cultural, built and natural heritage of local and regional importance.

The investments are not over yet

As a further continuation of the project named Zala on two wheels realized within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program, a new development providing access to Letenye, Becsehely, Tornyiszentmiklós, Dobri, Kerkaszentkirály, Muraszemenye and Murarátka will be launched, the plans of which will be submitted for approval this year.

This investment means the construction of 25 kilometers of newly constructed or designated bicycle paths in 22 sections.

The announcement also mentions that the bicycle developments along the Slovenian border are closely related to the new bicycle path to be built between Lendva and Pince in Slovenia. Technical handover of the road, which already has a valid construction permit, is expected by the beginning of 2025.

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