Budapest’s leadership should not hinder economic growth!

Budapest’s leadership should not hinder economic growth!
Budapest’s leadership should not hinder economic growth!

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry writes in a statement that the transport organization practice of the Metropolitan Municipality should not be an obstacle, but rather an engine of the city’s economic operation. The text of the announcement:

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK), the Pest County and Érdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PMKIK) in order to ensure the predictable operation of the businesses they represent – at the initiative of the PMKIK and taking into account the BKIK’s professional materials dealing with this issue from time to time – make the following declaration:

The transport organization practice of the capital city administration over the past four years – despite all reasonable professional protests – has led to the fact that the travel time of both public and private transport has increased to a large extent.

Due to the conscious reduction of the capacity of the roads, traffic jams are continuous, the transport of goods and the journey to the workplace take an unreasonably long time.

The current situation is already acting as a barrier to economic growth. An immediate change of attitude is therefore necessary, according to which the main task of the traffic controller and organizer is not to reduce traffic capacity and introduce bans, thereby even increasing the level of air pollution, but rather to provide the fastest and most environmentally friendly solutions to traffic needs. make it happen!

Traffic jam in the capital on Üllői út due to an unjustified bicycle lane.Photo: Sándor Csudai – Origo

We are convinced that any strategy that optimizes only for public transport, cyclists, or only those traveling by car will necessarily be one-sided.

The task of the Capital is not to make the movement of road users impossible, but to support it, and not to tell them how to drive, but rather to encourage the use of sustainable solutions with the appropriate opportunities.

The generation of transport demand for passenger and goods transport is otherwise determined to a decisive extent. The child has to get to school, the parent has to get to the workplace, the grandparent has to get to the health care provider, and changing places is also part of the cultured use of free time.

BKIK and PMKIK represent more than 400,000 businesses in Budapest and the agglomeration. In their interest, they call on the Capital City to, with immediate effect:

  • suspend the finalization of the amendments to the ‘Mobility 2030’ program, which focuses almost exclusively on making passenger car traffic impossible,
  • eliminate painted bicycle lanes in unjustified places, and eliminate separation with poles everywhere,
  • enable pure electric vehicles to pass through the Chain Bridge

However, in addition to the immediately effective measures, the two chambers see the need for the tool system of urban logistics, and within that of city logistics, which is well defined by transport science, verified and proven in practice, to be applied in the field of transport development in the capital city. So for example

  • preparation of essential impact studies for different solution proposals,
  • with the “smart city” proposals regularly raised by professionals, it would be possible to optimize traffic in Budapest, such as dynamic traffic management, parking information system, time limit for goods delivery, entry sticker, or establishment of P+R parking lots, etc.
  • and in addition to these, the goal would be to build a new Danube bridge designed for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, instead of removing the existing bridges from traffic.

In order to bring about the desired change in attitude, the signatories will begin intensive professional work with the involvement of entrepreneurs in the next six months and will publish the aspects and expectations regarding the transport organization and development of the capital, which the capital and the according to their point of view, they serve the development of the agglomeration in the best way.

Nagy Elek sk
BKIK president

dr. Zoltán Vereczkey sk
PMKIK president

The article is in Hungarian


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