Don’t give a half-time as a gift to any opponent…

Don’t give a half-time as a gift to any opponent…
Don’t give a half-time as a gift to any opponent…

As for the final, and why ZTE KK only “almost” won the cup. In the match against Sopron, the Zala team practically did not defend in the first half, scoring 60 points in 20 minutes can only be attributed to this. The best home team of the match in the first half was the Egerszeg audience, as they encouraged the team after seeing the poor play. Despite the minus twenty point deficit, Lubomir Ruzicka’s team did not give up, and perhaps felt that they owed it to the spectators as well. The point is that ZTE KK reached the end of the match, and even led, but in the end, extra time followed, and at the very end of it, Sopron won 103-102 with a lucky basket. Deservedly, because it was more balanced and they did not give up when it seemed that domestic joy would follow. The lesson for the people of Egerszeg can be this: you can’t allow a half-time to any opponent and you can say that they are back in the game, but Oleksandr Mishula, say, won’t always have a day where everything works out for him. And let’s not forget one thing: Danilo Ostojic is injured, the Serbian center could not play in any of the matches.

The captain of ZTE KK, Ádám Tóth, was extremely annoyed after the match, as they could have won anyway, after such a first half…

“We can attribute to what happened at the end that this was the fast of our performance in the first half,” he said. – In defense, we did not follow the basics in the first half and did not play as a team at all. On the other hand, we showed all the time that we can attack, which is why we came back into the match, and of course we switched defenses, and everything changed immediately.

Well, you can agree with him. Sopron and ZTE KK will clash again on Friday, in the framework of a memorial match (Ferenc Krasznai memorial match) in Sopron, which will also be the last preparation match for the Egerszegi team before the league opener.

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