They completed one of the most exciting races of their lives


Gábor Kókai fought for the third place in the category with Imre Kiscsatári for nine races, when the cylinder head gasket gave out… It took a lot of cooperation, will and expertise for the “Kiskókai” to continue the fight.

Did you like the race description of the Győr Rally?

It was already apparent from the competition notice that a demanding four-day competition was being prepared in Győr Gábor Kókai begins the conversation. – We were a little afraid of the many stages, but eventually we got used to it. We were very happy that there would be an urban speed section, and I think we weren’t the only ones who were like that.

Which speed stage were you looking forward to the most and why?

As I said, I was most looking forward to urban speed. Here in P13, the boys are very strong, the cars and techniques are serious, and this would have been the one opportunity for me all year to be able to approach them, if not overtake them.

What happened to you on Saturday?

The paper form came on Saturday. Bodogá and Helembai fought from the front, I fought for third place, which we really enjoyed. Imre Kiscsatári won the first three races against me, but I gave him the next three races! It was a great experience to finally have a real competition against someone. We were finally excited to be on the podium. We were looking forward to a very good night. I was happy and cheerful, and I went to the hotel thinking that it would make sense to continue on Sunday. It’s different that my serviceman and navigator snored so hard that I could hardly sleep, but at least they had a good night.

Unfortunately, Sundays turned out to be more problematic…

On Sunday, the fight for the podium continued with Kiscsatári. The seventh and quickly gave five seconds. I gave him fifteen on the next two. It was a very serious battle! I enjoyed every minute of it, even while paying attention to my usual safety car ride. Unfortunately, the car had a cylinder head on the urban expressway… We already crossed the bridge at half throttle. Then came the two-and-a-half-kilometer stage, with water at one hundred and twenty degrees.

BP GyorRally2023 1057

Although the devil of technology has now “knocked” on you, you can be happy about another successful finish and a good result!

We didn’t give up! In sixty-four minutes, cylinder head down and up, new gasket, adjustments, and we moved on. There was great cooperation and help in the service. Everyone helped who could. Thanks! The collaboration was huge! On the tenth and eleventh rapids, we rolled nicely and finally (Since the Devecseri couple handed in their ticket. Thank you!) we finished in fourth place. Congratulations to Bodogán, Csikar and Kiscsatári! Many thanks to Devecseri!

How did you prepare for the last race?

We are really looking forward to the Zemplén Rally. The podium is sealed, as Bodogán, Csikar and Karsai will be on the podium at the end of the year, but mathematically we still have a chance for third place. We will have a nice drive and enjoy the kilometers…

Thanks to everyone for the support, support and all the help! See you in Zemplén!

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