The men’s handball team lost a point in a happy mood

The men’s handball team lost a point in a happy mood
The men’s handball team lost a point in a happy mood

Ádám Csalló’s team hosted NEKA’s U21 team in the Arena on Saturday afternoon. Half a minute before the end of the match, the home team still had the advantage, but during the last attack, a player from Kanizsa was deemed illegal by the referees, and at the end of the counter-action, the academicians fought for an overtime seven, which was scored. The final result was thus 30-30.

Both teams started the season with a win, and the youth of the National Handball Academy already beat Kanizsa once in the last season, so there was a prospect of a difficult match. The home team started better in the rally, Ádám Csalló’s students led with three and four. However, the academicians came back into the match, mainly thanks to their line-up play, and even took the lead. The defense of the Kanizians was benefited by the change of goalkeeper, Oláh showed several great feats, so the teams went to the break with a narrow, 1-goal advantage over Dül-Zala.

The second half followed a similar scenario, with both clubs making many mistakes and neither guard being able to get away from the other. However, 10 minutes before the end, it seemed that Kanizsa could decide the match, as the 3-goal difference was restored.

However, the guest’s time-out was good for NEKA, and the youngsters came back into the game again. Forty seconds before the end, at 30:29, the academicians could attack to equalize.

The last attack was led by Kanizsa. At the end of the ball movement, Füstös was in a position, but the referees saw him go in. The visitors led the quick rush, and Szabadi fought for seven on the wing. Richárd Csanálosi converted the overtime penalty, making the final score 30-30. After the match, Ádám Csalló gave an upset assessment, as he saw that the final verdict affected the final result of the match.

– In defense, we did not manage to solve the things we discussed, and in addition, our goalkeeping performance was not so stable that we could have finished this match. We also missed a lot of shots in attack, obviously we are guilty of that. However, in the end – I think – they took a point away from us – pointed out Ádám Csalló, head coach of Nagykanizsa.

NEKA were satisfied with the draw, as the team made up of players born in 2005 and 2006 repeatedly came back from 3 and 4 goal deficits.

– We are young, we came with a very small team of colts, many of whom are still teenage players. In fact, this is a great development opportunity for them, because they can compete against adults, week after week. The fact that there are fluctuations in our game is obviously natural, because the team is young. But this is a very big development opportunity. And I think that everyone did their own little thing in the match, said Mikita Benc, NEKA’s coach.

After the draw, Kanizsa is second in the table, led by Hőgyéssi SC. On the weekend, the Hárís will be playing at home again, then the opponent of the South-Zala team will be the Pécs VSE. We will broadcast the match live on our YouTube channel.


(Cover photo: Kanizsa TV)

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