An announcement has come: Mol is buying a plant in Szarvas

An announcement has come: Mol is buying a plant in Szarvas
An announcement has come: Mol is buying a plant in Szarvas

According to the company’s information, the plant annually processes more than 40,000 tons of waste from meat production in the region, and another 53,000 tons of residual waste (such as slurry and manure) from neighboring livestock and meat processing farms. In addition, about 18,000 tons of agricultural substrate are used as raw material for the plant, which produces more than 12.5 million cubic meters of biogas. The purchase of the plant requires the approval of the Economic Competition Office.

In the announcement, it was emphasized that the Mol Group is striving to expand its biofuel portfolio in order to contribute to the achievement of the goals set out in the European Union’s renewable energy directive. This acquisition is also in line with the REPowerEU action plan, which has set a high target for biogas and methane production to sensibly increase the overall energy independence of the European Union.

For the Mol group, the purchase of the Szarvasi Biogas plant is an opportunity to expand the company’s portfolio of sustainable energy production.

The power plant not only has one of the largest biogas production capacities in the East-Central European region, but is also located in an area where Mol is active in research and production activities. This provides a unique synergy as it provides infrastructure for the development of products from biogas facilities, the statement said.

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