Two glass factories have joined forces to save lives by donating blood

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OI Hungary Kft. and OROSházaGLAS Kft. organized a joint outdoor blood drive. Forty of the employees of the two factories showed up, who could thus save nearly 120 lives. Several of the volunteers joined the event as first blood donors to help the work of the Red Cross.

On May 26, 20 people from OI Hungary and OROSházaGLAS employees came to the bay glass factory. Office workers, factory workers and some members of the management also came to the voluntary blood donation so that they could save more lives with their help.

– We consider donating blood to be very important, which is why we organized the event. Everyone knows the slogan “Give blood and save three lives!”. If we calculated correctly, today we can help 120 people by donating blood. This is the only way to replace these blood groups for those patients who need it. In addition, we also have a lot of blood donors in the factory, so we wanted to organize this day in an external form in collaboration with the neighboring factory – said Ádám Mézes, People and Culture manager of OI Hungary Kft.

Tímea Kecskemét, HR employee of OROSházaGLAS, added that already last year, during the Year of Glass, there was talk of wanting to organize a joint blood drive, as a close relationship had developed between the two companies.

– 20 of us also participated in the blood donation, and I noticed that in this organized workplace, people are much braver, because they come together with their colleagues. All this is a very important social collaboration, with which we can save a lot of lives, and with the company we also support this noble goal – emphasized Tímea Kecskeméti.

After registration, everyone took their place in the assigned beds, and after donating blood, they left with small gifts. The first blood donors even received a commemorative card for their help. Márta Szabóné Börcsök, an employee of the Vöröskereszt town hall, said that they are always waiting for new ones, because regular blood donors are getting older.

Photos: Bence Horváth

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