What you can know about the current charging line construction

What you can know about the current charging line construction
What you can know about the current charging line construction

Photo: RUMedia.hu (Charging lines are arriving, 05/23/2023 Solymár, Rózsika utca, near Anna Kápolna)

As we wrote earlier, DMRV Zrt. developed a long-term concept plan for the development of the water supply system, both in terms of the water production capacity and the distribution system. During this year, 1,809 meters of new express pipeline will be built between Budapest, Hidegkúti út and Solymár, Panoráma utca storage basins in order to provide the settlement with an additional amount of drinking water, especially during the summer peak consumption period.

Information about the current construction of the charging line has been summarized for you by Dr. Márk Beregszászi, the clerk of the Solymár Mayor’s Office.

“We can talk about last year’s water shortage as the escalation of a long-standing problem. Solymár is at one of the highest and farthest points of an agglomeration pipeline that supplies several settlements, and as a result, the increased population in the affected supply area (Pilis basin) and the worn-out pipeline could no longer serve Solymár in the peak summer season, and in Hungarian, the water did not even reach this far. At that time, the modernization of the affected pipeline was already in the planning phase, which the DMRV completed in agreement with the Capital Water Works, and according to the plans, Solymár can receive water directly from the direction of Hidegkúti út. The Solymár section of the investment will be realized partly on a municipal road (currently Panoráma utca, then Pihenő utca, Anna chapel), and partly on a state highway (Rózsika sétány), in the green part. The capital section is being built by Fővárosi Vízművek on Hidegkúti út, and it is expected to start in June, considering that traffic would be completely impossible in our settlement due to the closure of half the track. According to our hopes, last year’s incident will not be repeated this summer, we trust the weather, we trust that the DMRV is waiting for the peak period with adequate technical preparation, and we trust that the investment will be ready for the warmer period and will serve Solymár safely.”

Dr. Márk Beregszászi – SolymárOnline

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