The names of the heroes of Szentes give courage and command respect

The names of the heroes of Szentes give courage and command respect
The names of the heroes of Szentes give courage and command respect

Military salutes were paid to the heroes in Szentes, soldiers and civilians who died in the First and Second World Wars were commemorated at the memorials by laying wreaths and lighting candles.

In Erzsébet tér park, a statue has been guarding the memory of the heroes of Szentes who fell in the First World War since 1926: on the pedestal of the statue, the names of Szentes soldiers who disappeared, fell or died of illnesses acquired in captivity can be read on the statue’s pedestal. Zoltán Szabó remembered them: the mayor emphasized that we can never forget those who fought and gave everything for the country.

These monuments are places for us that give us courage and command respect. The city of Szentes sacrificed a lot in human losses during the wars: the names on the statues represent mothers, fathers, sons, and grandparents. They gave their lives so that we could stand here now. They cannot be replaced, but we can pay tribute to their memory with honor and dignity

– concluded the mayor.

After the show by the students of Kiss Bálint Református Primary School and the laying of wreaths on the Erzsébet tér monument, the participants marched to the entrance of the Széchenyi Park. The one standing there, II. The work entitled Memorial to the Victims of World War II is the work of István Máté, a master sculptor from Csongrád. The names of the approximately 700 people who died in Szentes can be read on the granite pedestal, while unarmed soldiers stand above it on the north side, and mass grave figures can be seen on the south side.

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