Tanks and a bus transporting prisoners are also brought to Debrecen Drive

Tanks and a bus transporting prisoners are also brought to Debrecen Drive
Tanks and a bus transporting prisoners are also brought to Debrecen Drive

This weekend, the horse power is unleashed in Nagyerdő, because this is when the Debrecen Drive is held, which promises meaningful entertainment for children and adults alike. The public service bodies are also preparing for it, below we give you a taste of their programs, but we have also brought useful information about the approach to the location.


The main entrance of Debrecen Drive can be approached from the intersection of Nagyerdei körút and Pallagi út. The number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the event is limited, so the organizers encourage everyone to use public transport. For parking, the Főnix Aréna and Kassai úti Campus parking lots are recommended.

Public service vehicles up close

In addition to traditional fire trucks, the disaster management will also present an oldtimer fire truck. There will be firefighting on fireproof foil, and children can take photos in firefighter clothes.

Courtesy of the Hungarian Defense Forces, we can get to know Lynx and Buffalo tanks and Gidrán trucks more closely.

The police are preparing with police cars, motorbikes and demonstrations, and this year they are also bringing the Közlekedik a sazal competition, which requires prior registration. At the emergency police station, you can take a closer look at a water cannon, an electric self-balancing device, an electric motorcycle and an electric bicycle, but they also provide a laser range and even display weapons and police technology equipment. At the event, we can also gain an insight into the everyday life of the penitentiary:

the BVs bring their 13-meter-long prisoner transport bus, as well as other equipment, such as the kaloda or the deres.

For children, they are prepared with, among other things, a sponge puzzle and a one-finger fingerprint.

Thanks to Electromega, you can see the favorite of the little ones up close, and the garbage truck, and the DKV, in addition to their buses on display, even makes go-karts. The National Tax and Customs Office welcomes visitors with a patrol car, an office bus, a superstructure trailer with a thermal camera, a mobile laboratory and a dog car.

In addition to the vehicles on display at the public service bodies, everyone is welcomed with countless prize games, presentations and recruitment stands.

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