Only dwarf people can forget ancient greatness


A wreath-laying commemoration combined with a military tribute was held on the occasion of Hungarian Heroes’ Day on Friday morning at the Alsóvárosi cemetery in Veszprém.

Local government representative Richárd Csik opened the commemoration for the heroes who fell for the Hungarian homeland with his welcome speech, in which he spoke about the special importance of the holiday.

The representative said: dying for one’s country is never meaningless. On Hungarian Heroes’ Day, we remember and pay tribute to those who once sacrificed the greatest treasure they received from God for Hungary: their lives. This is why Hungarians are such a strong nation. Because our heroes are not only a selection of famous and famous patriots. We Hungarians also honor as heroes those ordinary soldiers and civilians who, due to their short or long lives, at the sacred moment when they could decide to run away or face death, they chose the latter to defend their beloved country.

Richárd Csik emphasized that we can be proud that many of these soldiers found their final resting place in Veszprém, and as Hungarians it is our duty to ensure that their memory and deeds are never forgotten.

At the end of his speech, the representative also touched on the current war situation, as Hungarian Heroes’ Day is an important occasion to remember: the key to the future is peace, which we do not achieve with weapons, and we cannot give up the fight against aggressive ideologies, just as our predecessors did not never.

Lieutenant-Colonel György Szabó, the distinguished camp chaplain of the Protestant field bishopric, said a prayer for the soldiers and civilians who fell for the freedom of our country: no one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends. Those whom we commemorate sacrificed their lives and blood for the land that providence has designated for us to be our country.

On behalf of the municipality, representative Richárd Csik placed the commemorative wreath in front of the monument.

Afterwards, representing the military organizations of the Veszprém garrison, Colonel János Hegedűs, Colonel Sándor Barta, and Lieutenant Colonel Gyula Soós paid tribute to the deceased heroes. The flowers for the commemoration were placed on behalf of the Veszprém Vármegyei Police Headquarters and the Veszprém Police Headquarters by colonel István Rausz, chief police advisor. In the area of ​​Veszprém, a wreath was laid on behalf of the members of associations active in the interest of national defense by retired colonel János Szolnok, president of the Veszprém District Retired Club of the Armed Forces, retired major Lajos Nincics, secretary of the Veszprém Association of Veteran Aviators and Paratroopers, and retired lieutenant colonel Ferenc Demeter of the Association of Hungarian Reservists. Vice-president of the Veszprém Association.

“Only a dwarf nation can forget ancient greatness,
Only the heroic predecessors of a degenerate age;
The enthusiast goes to the tomb of his ancestors,
And light a new fabric with an old light.
And if the present fades away:
May the old light shine upon him!” (János Garay)

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