Radio 1 | Miskolc’s newest festival comes with Welhello and Lost Frequencies


Miskolc’s new festival, the Diósgyőrfest, will be held on the second and third of June, which will be hosted by the DVTK Stadium. During the two-day event, domestic and foreign speakers will entertain those interested, and visitors can also participate in numerous programs during the day.

Honeybeast, TNT, Magdi Rúzsa and Hooligans will take the stage on the first day of the festival, i.e. on the second of June.
On the third of June, Saturday, Paulina, BSW and Welhello will perform, followed by the Belgian disc jockey Lost Frequencies on stage.

There will also be programs outside the stadium, and the organizers are also putting a lot of emphasis on gastronomy. The announcement quotes festival director Gábor Orosz, who justified the organization of the festival with three arguments: “DVTK Stadium is 5 years old this year, and 50 years ago the Diósgyőr stadium hosted the country’s first (rock) festival, but the most important thing is that Miskolc is currently not on the country’s festival map and we want to change that”.

The two-day festival will also be unusual because light music concerts will be held for the first time in the five-year-old DVTK stadium. The experience is enhanced by LED walls, pyrotechnics, lasers, a giant amusement park and other visual elements.

Source: MTI

Photo: Pexels/Mark Angelo

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