BALATON ICE CREAM – In 2023, victory belongs to Almadi

BALATON ICE CREAM – In 2023, victory belongs to Almadi
BALATON ICE CREAM – In 2023, victory belongs to Almadi

Preceding the sweet nightingale and the sour cream flame Tamás Varga the composition of thorny mango sorbet from Balaton won the title of Balaton ice cream. The competition was organized by the Balaton Tourism Association among summer sweets. The cup went to Balatonalmádi, but the recipe is available to all ice cream makers.

This year, a dozen ice cream parlors and pastry shops entered the Balaton ice cream 2023 competition with twenty different ice cream creations. Among the ingredients were Balaton golden hazelnuts, rosé, raspberries, pumpkin seeds, grapes, apricots, in addition to traditional chocolate and lemon.

The Balaton Fagyija competition was organized for the tenth time by the Balaton Tourism Association with the undisclosed intention of supporting the initiatives of local businesses. Prepare healthy food and sweets from as many local and regional natural ingredients as possible.

The creation of the ice cream parlor in Balatonalmád is the meeting of two purées: sea buckthorn, also known as a medicinal plant, is obtained from an organic plantation in Balatonújlak. They don’t grow mangoes yet. He balanced the sweetness of the magnolia with the sourness of the sea buckthorn, thus creating a light, truly refreshing delicacy. Sorbet was established in Hungary during the Turkish rule, ice fruit puree is a favorite of many.

After tasting the 18 ice creams, the professional leader of the five-member jury, the president of the Confectionery Industry Association, was pleased to confirm that, in addition to the classic ingredients, Hungarian consumers prefer unknown flavors and their combinations.

After the announcement of the winning ice cream, the traffic of the place from which the delicacy was named soared. This was also the case in Balatonalmádi, where today there was hardly a funnel that did not contain yellow ice cream.

The organization responsible for tourism is happy if Balaton’s ice cream is successful elsewhere, so the recipe can be used by everyone after the competition. The goal is to make the artisan ice creams fall in love, so that the guests consume products that are healthy, free from natural ingredients, artificial flavor enhancers, additives and dyes. They should lure more and more tourists to its shores.

In Balatonalmádi, Amaretto Ice Cream is not the first cup winner: 21 years ago, the Venetian dream became the ice cream of the year. The two winning creations complement each other perfectly and look good on the counter and in the guests’ glasses.

Our leading image was taken in Amaretto Ice Cream. Photo: the author

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