“Everyone feels the importance of this match”

“Everyone feels the importance of this match”
“Everyone feels the importance of this match”

Football: Nyír-Wetland County Division I, round 30, coaches’ expectations (start: 17th, youth 15th)

Újfehértó (2.)–Tarpa (4.)
Zsolt Piskóti, the coach of Újfehértó: – The last round of the championship has arrived. Obviously, a lot has happened since last weekend’s game. First of all, I can say on behalf of the guys, we are extremely sorry that we did not manage to take advantage of this great opportunity. However, two things are certain, these players fulfilled the goal set before the season and also that Újfehértó will win a medal again in the county’s first division. We want to present a victory to every true Újfehértó fan, who is with the team through thick and thin.
Iván Bubis, coach of Tarpa: – For the last league match of the season, we have no other goal than to play a good quality match.

Nyírbátor (9.)–Nagyecsed (11.)
Zoltán Erdei, player-coach of Nyírbátor: – We want to keep the three points at home in the last league match of the season.
Balázs Harbula, coach of Nagyecsed: – The opportunity is in our hands to beautify our season and make it end in single digits. I am sure that the team will do everything for this

Kállósemjén (1.)–Nyírmeggyes (14.)
Volodymyr Ovsiyenko, player-coach of Kállósemjén: – We are preparing very seriously for our last home match. Everyone feels the importance of this match, during which only victory is acceptable. We will do our best to be able to celebrate the success together with the hopefully large number of supporters in Semjén.
László Kovács, coach of Nyírmeggyes: – We have reached the last match of the season, where the best team is waiting for us, as we travel to the leader of the list. Semjén is made up of very good players and all respect goes to them for what they put on the table during the season. However, we also really need the points because we don’t yet know what the future will bring. On paper, the home team has the best chance, but I am optimistic, as we already managed to catch one or two teams from the top in the spring.

Ibrány (13.)–Vásárosnamény (12.)
István Kató, coach of Ibrány: – We have a difficult season behind us, in the championship and in the Hungarian Cup, we have been told the cheese several times. Failures, especially one-goal defeats, took their toll on the players. It was a trying task to keep them mentally and physically in the best possible shape week after week, training after training. Despite this, I saw a lot of positive changes not only in their performances away from home, but also in their home performances. We managed to stay in, but I can also feel the situation of Újfehértó through the eyes of a coach. In our last match, it may be the last time we will be together like this. In any case, we want to say goodbye with a win. Thank you to everyone who supported us, even with a kind word.
Gábor Bardi, coach of Vásárosnamény: – We are trying to give opportunities to some players who got less roles during the championship, but regardless, we are trying to achieve a good result in Ibrány.

Kemecse (6.)–Nyíregyháza II. (3.)
Attila Resán, president of Kemecse: – We are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the weekend, mainly not because of the match, but because of the year-end party.
Tamás Burányi, Spartacus II of Nyíregyháza. coach: – We played well in the last match as well, but unfortunately we couldn’t score a goal. In conclusion, we want to score goals again and win the match.

Nírbéltek (7.)–Mátészalka (5.)
Miklós Körmös, coach of Nyírbéltek: – This weekend won’t be a walkover either, as I only have thirteen healthy players left. I hope that they will put their heart and soul on the pitch, and that way we will be able to say goodbye to the season.
Tamás Kiss, coach of Mátészalka: – The last meeting of the season is coming up. We know that Nyírbéltek promises to be a difficult opponent at home, but of course we want to say goodbye to the season and make the fans who accompany us happy.

Balkány (15.)–Mándok (8.)
László Mirgai, coach of Balkány: – I’m curious to see if my players will be able to get up to speed for the last match, since in this case we could even move from the last place. I hope that the referees will not influence the game, let the football players decide the fate of the three points.
Attila Dancs, coach of Mándok: – There were no problems with our game in our last league match, but we did not win, which we want to make up for this time.

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