Indecent cursing was put on the map of Hungary, the name of one of our most famous cities was rewritten

Indecent cursing was put on the map of Hungary, the name of one of our most famous cities was rewritten
Indecent cursing was put on the map of Hungary, the name of one of our most famous cities was rewritten

As a native of Sopron, I was very surprised when I came across a map on the Internet, on which I immediately noticed that it depicted the city of loyalty, but it appeared that the neighboring villages were listed under completely different names, and there was also an airport on it; however, Sopron does not have an airport at all.

Then, when I saw that besides Sopron, such fictitious settlements as Kukutyin and Mucsaröcsöge were indicated, I already guessed what might be behind it, so I looked for the reedited city map on other sites as well. That’s how I found it To the website of Bivalybaznád.

The most perverted Hungarian settlement name has disappeared from the map forever

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We have fictitious settlements that were created just for humor – such as Jászkarafaszajenő, which is said to be inspired by Jászkarajenő in Pest county. But we can mention Tapió’s buffalo armpit, Simagöröngyös, or Guglinsekeresd; the latter was probably invented after Nekeresd, which forms the district of Zalaegerszeg. And in the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron you can find Röjtökmuzsaj, which was the inspiration for Mucsaröcsöge.

This may be the reason why the justly famous Bivalybaznád was edited on the map of the city of Sopron, since Röjtökmuzsaj is located in the district of Sopron, nearly 30 kilometers from the city of loyalty – the Szidónia Kastélyszálló is also located in this settlement.

It is not known who invented Bivalybaznád, when, and why it is all based on such swearing, but at the time it was also featured in the part of the Iryy Hónaljmirigy show 8th type encounters, where the letter “s” was removed from the middle of the fictitious settlement name , and there it was not placed on the border of Győr-Moson-Sopron, but BAZ county – it is unlikely that this was an abbreviation of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, it was written that way just for fun.

Despite the fact that it is a fictional settlement, Bivalybaznád has the same website as an average village or town in Hungary: it lists institutions, accommodations, and describes what attractions are here. Among other things, Bivalykő is “located here”, which is really written about as an existing thing.

“It is located on the border of Bivalybasznád, a popular hiking spot for tourists. The interesting feature of the formation is that the water formed a neck-shaped promontory from the sedimentary mountain of the former Pannonian Sea. Hence the name Bivalykő. From the top, there is an eye-catching landscape that is a must-see for all visitors”

If you look at the map below, it really only differs from the city of Sopron in that it has an international airport and is surrounded by fictitious neighboring villages – for example, Piripócs, which replaced Ágfalva.

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