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This has never happened before! The first crypto store in Hungary will be launched in June, where all electrotechnical products that are popular in Europe will be available. The initiative is also groundbreaking because we can get the devices by paying only a fraction of it, and the rest is received as a reward, at more than one hundred percent interest.

The new crypto store is essentially an online electronics store targeting the world, in which you can only buy with cryptocurrency. This initiative can be a solution not only for those who would invest in order to be able to buy the latest telephone or other electrotechnical items with a unique annual return of up to one hundred percent, but also for those who like to think ahead.

“With the crypto store, we want to increase the willingness to save instead of increasing indebtedness – that is, against the principle of borrowing. In the web store, you can buy tokens, i.e. collect them, with which you can receive countless rewards through the so-called staking, i.e. locking, which is essentially like a crypto deposit. However, here we can count on a unique interest rate, which can be one hundred percent per year” Róbert Kun, the owner and managing director of the soon-to-be launched, explained the operating principles of the crypto store.

This is the best way to buy

The crypto store is created by the Austrian company Happy-Panda Handels Gmbh, thus ensuring the best wholesale prices. In the crypto-webshop, you can pay with several cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, but the platform’s own token, LiveGreen Coin (LGC), offers the most discounts. And what does this mean in practice?

“If we buy LGC Tokens, i.e. start collecting them, we can receive countless rewards through staking. To mention a few examples, in exchange for LGC liquidity on, we receive a 110 percent annual reward, in dollars (USDT). For simple token staking on, we can get more than 75 percent in USDT, but up to 78 percent in bitcoin. The reward in dollars is also around 60 percent on BabyDogeSwap. This is very tempting, since USDT rewards on the market only reach about 10 percent on average, which means a huge difference in the case of an investment” Róbert Kun added.

The executive also demonstrated with a specific example why we can win if we buy in the crypto store and not in a store or from a service provider, let’s say we buy a phone on installments with a loyalty period of several years.

“If someone now has half of the price of the phone available, say 200,000 forints, and commits it for two years – that’s usually how much the phone’s repayment is -, after two years they still have the LGC Token worth 200,000 forints, but they received more than 440,000 forint dollars, of which cover your next phone” explained the manager. will start in about 3 weeks, and according to the company’s hopes, they will soon reach the traffic of a large telecommunications store.

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