The opportunities for active tourism have expanded

The opportunities for active tourism have expanded
The opportunities for active tourism have expanded

The Prime Minister’s Secretary of State responsible for active Hungary, Máriusz Révész, said that the goal is for Hungary to be among the most livable countries. Lifestyle plays an important role in livability and how long people live, while Hungarians do not exercise much, and the lack of exercise causes the death of an average of 37 people in our country every day. He emphasized: it must be shown that moving is an experience, that movement is medicine, and that there are countries where doctors prescribe exercise.

He added that daily physical education alone is not a solution, as the proportion of overweight children has increased in the recent period. Wandering camps for young people have been launched in four themes: pedestrian, pilgrim, bicycle and water, the latter two also affect Békés county. He said: the cycling strategy for the coming years has been completed; and according to him, the KRESZ amendment can also help to make traffic safer, more environmentally friendly and healthier.

80 percent of Hungarians know how to ride a bike, and a third said that they ride a bike regularly. The use of bicycles is increasing in all age groups, and this is related to the fact that more and more bicycle paths are being built, said parliamentarian Tamás Herczeg.

He emphasized: Békéscsaba is a bicycle-friendly city, and bicycle paths lead to the surrounding settlements, such as Doboz, Békés, Kétsoprony, Telekgerendás, Gyula. Significant developments have been made in the county seat since 2010, including Szarvasi uta, Gyulai uta, but the Lencsési housing estate and Jaminá were also greatly affected by the investments. New sections were built and existing sections were modernized.

The Wenckheim tourist and bicycle route was built within the framework of the Modern Cities Program (MVP), which connects castles, and in addition to the fact that hikers can discover the built heritage, they can ride in a wonderful natural environment. Rest areas have been created in several places. Also, as part of the MVP, access to industrial areas was also helped with bicycle path improvements in Békéscsaba. Next to the Fürjesi bypass road, there is also a bicycle path or a service road suitable for cycling.

Member of Parliament Tamás Herczeg said that Andrássy út in Békéscsaba is the country’s main cycling street, and that the city has many programs that help safe transportation, and he is trying to draw attention to its importance.

The Wenckheim cycle path is becoming more and more popular

Mayor Péter Szarvas said: exercise and sports are important for a healthy lifestyle. And Békés County has been fully on the map of active tourism in recent years. He believes that the government pays attention to the region in this regard as well, and this is also reflected in subsidies. The County of Békés has done a lot to earn this attention, so that it can be counted as an active tourist destination.

Békéscsaba has also implemented developments in the past period that have expanded the opportunities for active tourism. In this round, he highlighted the Wenckheim tourist and bicycle route, which has now gained great popularity not only among locals, but also among tourists. In addition, there are other ideas, such as the development of the Körösök valley from Gyula through Békéscsaba to Szentes, which is nearing the end of the planning stage.

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