6+1 lesser-known attractions around the picturesque Lake Venice for this summer


Although most people only consider Lake Balaton when planning a domestic holiday by the water, Lake Velence and its surroundings, like its big brother, offer many attractions, so it can be an ideal destination if you don’t want to go that far from the capital.

Pákozdi Mosquito Island

Also referred to as the Pákozd Peninsula, the island with its own boat station is located in the eastern part of the lake, in the administrative area of ​​Pákozd. The former island is now only a peninsula thanks to the artificial filling of the lake bed, and thanks to this, it is easily accessible by car, bicycle, foot and boat. Popular with both fishermen and hikers, the flora and fauna of this destination is second to none, and due to its impressive landscape and rich geological value, it is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful regions of Lake Venice. A Fisherman’s Inn awaits tired hikers on the island’s coast, and there is also an indoor rest area in case you need a nap.

Photo: László Seres

Sukoro Reformed Church

The church, built in 1702, acquired its current size and shape with the expansion of 1787, it is particularly interesting that its furnishings also date from this period, and the pulpit is presumably even earlier. One of the main features of the church is the organ built in 1876, which is registered as a monument together with the church. The statue in the small square in front of the church depicts Prime Minister Lajos Gróf Batthyány and General János Móga, who during the War of Independence of 1848 held the war council preparing for the Battle of Pákozd within the walls of the church.

8096 Sukoró, Fő utca 66.

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St. Ignatius of Loyola Roman Catholic Church, Sukoró

The fairytale-like little church, considered the jewel of the area, was built by the Komárom Jesuits in 1767, and it was consecrated on August 7, 1768. The church was built on the edge of Sukoró, on a promontory, so it stands out even more from the picturesque landscape. It got its current, final form in 1867, and thanks to continuous maintenance and occasional restorations since then, visitors can see it in its original splendor.

8096 Sukoró, Öreg utca 19.

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Agárdi Medical and Thermal Spa

If you want a truly relaxing program, visit the Agárdi Spa and Thermal Spa, where you can recharge your batteries in a fabulous environment. In addition to the outdoor and indoor experience pool and the outdoor thermal pool, an indoor spa pool awaits guests, and in the sauna garden Finnish, infrared, lavender and steam cabins with different temperatures, as well as a Mediterranean atmosphere, covered and open relaxation room ensure perfect relaxation. If you would like to stay for several days, you can also stay in the Termál Camping located right next to the spa, where you can rest your head on the soft lap of nature.

2484 Gárdony, Fürdő tér 1. | Website

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Gárdonyi log castle

You can come across a very special sight in Agárdpuszta, as the Egri castle is located here Stars of Eger a scaled-down copy of the location of the novel. The log castle built next to the birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi not only commemorates the literary masterpiece and the historically significant event, but also presents the era and the everyday life of the people at that time. For the full experience, the Gárdony castle captain guides the visitors through the castle and the dungeon system, and after prior registration, they can also participate in a group session, where you can take part in another exciting adventure.

2484 Gárdony, Sigray István utca | Website

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Saint Rosalia Catholic Church of Palermo, Nadap

The church that previously stood here, where the famous poet Mihály Vörösmarty was also baptized, was demolished in 1903 with the aim of building a larger, more imposing church in its place. The designer of the new building was Jenő Hübner, an architect from Budapest, and the famous master builder from Székesfehérvár, János Szenzestein, was responsible for the construction. The church was dedicated in honor of St. Rosalia of Palermo, who is the patron saint of Palermo and one of the “plague saints” through whose intercession Sicily was freed from a severe plague in 1625. The majestic church is worth admiring both from the outside and the inside, as it is a true hidden treasure of the small settlement.

8097 Nadap, Haladás út 54.

Photo: László Seres

+1: Elixir Ice Cream

Not a single vacation can go by without an ice cream, and luckily you don’t have to miss this good habit around Lake Velence, as Elixir Ice Cream is waiting for everyone on the free beach in Agárd. The wide selection includes both special and classic artisanal ice creams, which can be accompanied by excellent coffees and refreshing drinks.

2484 Agárd, Üdülők útja 11/B |Website

Photo: Elixir Fagyizó Facebook

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The hidden treasures of the Lake Velence area

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