There is an open battle for bronze in the south

There is an open battle for bronze in the south
There is an open battle for bronze in the south

Two of the podium places are sold out, the first place was won by Borota, and the silver medal can be taken by the players of Foktő. That doesn’t mean the two teams are down for this weekend. Even more so, because Borota wants to lead the medal distribution with a victory, which will take place after the match. In addition, this match is a derby in neighboring Vár, so Mélykút will certainly sincerely congratulate the home team after the match, but their goal in the match will not be to raise the festive mood.

The silver medalist Foktő will be a guest of Nemesnádudvar. For Nemesnádudvar, victory is a matter of life in order to get the bronze medal, which they would be very happy to win in Nadwar, so Balázs Nasz’s team will do everything in order to get the three points, it will not be easy, the opponent is the guarantee of that. Dusnok would take advantage of the stumble in the reed yard. The grids welcome Kelebia at home, in the knowledge that if they win and Foktő do not lose at Nemesnádudvar, they will take the bronze medal.

Kiskunhalas and Sükösd will play their last 2022/23 championship on Saturday, starting at 5 p.m.

At the same time, there is another line on which a huge battle is going on and on whose imaginary podium nothing has been decided yet, and this is the top scorer title. Zoltán Bolvári of Dusnoki is currently leading the battle for the title of best goalscorer with 28 goals, followed by Nemesnádudvar and Borota’s Dániel Aladics and Sasa Nikutovic with five.

The detailed program:


Vármegye II., South group: Kiskunhalasi FC–Sükösd SC.

SUNDAY, 5 p.m

Vármegye II., Southern group: Borotai SE–Mélykúti SE, Dusnok KSE–Kelebia KNSK, Nemesnádudvar–Főnix SE Foktő.

Vármegye II., Southern group

1. RAZOR 23 19 3 1 77–17 60

2ND DEGREE 23 15 4 4 68–32 49

3. NEMESNÁDVAR 23 14 2 7 66–39 44

4. DUSNOK 23 13 5 5 68–40 44

5. DEEP WELL 23 12 2 9 52–39 38

6. SÜKÖSD 23 6 2 15 31–49 20

7. KELEBIA 23 6 1 16 37–82 19

8. ARCHBISHOP SANAD 24 5 1 18 44–82 16

9. KISKUNHALAS 23 3 2 18 21–84 10

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