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The Kőrös KDSE-Treff 99 men’s handball team reaches another milestone this weekend. After winning the second division of the Pest county championship undefeated last year, this year it also finished the regular season at the top of the table, and then reached the final from the playoffs, and thus can fight for the NB II. Imre Narancsik’s team will face off against Veresegyház VSK on Saturday from 7 p.m. in Fót.

“Before the championship season, we made several changes to our team in the county’s first division in order to reach the set goal of reaching the final,” said Imre Narancsik, the coach of Kőrösi KDSE-Treff 99. – It was a decisively important task to forge old and new players together, as well as to create an effective, reliable defense and attack formation.”

Of course, the individual skills and creativity of the players played a big role in this. In the first part of the season, they won with confidence, then there was a period full of ups and downs, but now they are in the finals and that’s all that matters, the coach said.

As he promised, they will fight as a unified team in the final to win the gold medal, which does not promise to be an easy task, but he believed that the deliberation and momentum of the experienced, routine players and the young people hungry for success could bring about the much-awaited success.

Two and a half years ago, the professional management of the Érd club approached him with the idea that they wanted to assemble a team capable of hitting as soon as possible, which could win promotion to NB-II, added Tibor Balázs, who previously also played in NB I. team captain. – This seemed like a serious challenge to me, I was very happy to help achieve it.

According to the team captain, winning the gold medal would be a huge success both as an individual and as a team, for which they will do their best.

27 May 2023, 19:00, Fót, city sports hall
Men’s handball Pest county championship, I. division, final
Kőrösi KDSE-Treff 99 – Veresegyház VSK

The clash will be the main attraction of the special event of the Hungarian Handball Association involving several championship announcements. The Érd club will send a fan bus to Saturday’s final from in front of the Treff Sports Hall, starting at 4 p.m.

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