The young people of Dorog practiced yoga, played chess and danced with local kindergarteners

The young people of Dorog practiced yoga, played chess and danced with local kindergarteners
The young people of Dorog practiced yoga, played chess and danced with local kindergarteners

I’m putting this here, I see that it belongs here – a lady who, together with her companions, slowly solved the picture puzzle, turned one of the pieces of the puzzle in her hand. The intellectual-theoretical tasks did not end there, as there was, for example, a crossword puzzle related to landmarks in Dorog. We had to find out where the summer outdoor concerts were held, or who the swimming pool was named after. Local history bingo also attracted the elderly.

Exciting chess games were also organized
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On the fit day, Máté Knyaskó, a DorogiSport the head of the institution greeted the attendees, and then the participants could see the joy dance choreographies taught by senior joy dance instructors Illés Ildikó and Gabriella Ferenczi. For the elderly a To Dorog Hétszínvirág Kindergarten children joined in, the dance brought the generations together.

On the square, it was said that the DorogiSport team had previously met the elderly within the framework of the MindenKor in motion program series, where they provided sports opportunities for the older age group. At the current event, a total of eight easy physical and mental theoretical stations awaited those present. Pensioners could pick up points collection booklets at the information desk, where stamps could be collected at each station. After obtaining the third, fifth, and eighth seal, the seniors were treated to surprise gifts. The We Don’t Forget Our Past discussion was also popular, during which Zoltán Szabó-Berghauerthe head of the city’s cultural institution, with József Dankó, brought to life the outstanding moments of sports life in Dorog, while with Lajos Holicska, he revived the curiosities of tourism.

On the eventful day, it was possible to learn about the increasingly popular Nordic walking, i.e. Scandinavian walking, as a form of exercise, but you could also do yoga and gymnastics in the park. Thanks to the organizers, several exhibitors were waiting for the guests with stands, so, for example, there was a free eye examination, but they could also get their hands on food supplements and cosmetics. The event was also colored by a raffle, which was supported by material offerings Gedeon Richter Plc. By the way, members of the city’s pensioner organizations took part in the program, and the staff and residents of the Dr. Mosonyi Albert Care Center in Dorog also visited Otthon tér.

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