When even forty centimeters matter a lot

When even forty centimeters matter a lot
When even forty centimeters matter a lot

At the corner of Szép Ernő és Tábor utca they are currently working hard, we asked deputy mayor Márton Nyíri about why and what they are doing at the intersection?

“This is a problem that has been pointed out several times by the population, but also experienced personally,” began the deputy mayor. According to him, it seems insignificant at first, but it caused annoyance to many road users on a daily basis. Not only for local residents, but also for visitors to Mihály Fazekas School.

At the site, we saw that new curb stones were being laid. What was the problem with the previous one?

The mouth of Tábor utca and Szép Ernő utca was originally narrow. In recent years, deflectors have been placed at the corner of the sidewalk so that children trying to get to school can drive more safely, because cars used to drive onto the sidewalk when turning. We looked at the site with the technical colleagues and found a forty-centimeter-wide space on the section opposite the sidewalk, so that the mouth of the street could be widened to make it easier to turn in and out. The work on this is taking place now,” detailed Márton Nyíri.

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