The headquarters of the International Swimming Federation is moving to Budapest


The head of the ministry reported that an agreement was signed with Huszain al-Muszallam, the president of the International Swimming Federation, on the relocation of the organization’s headquarters to Budapest, and the unanimous decision of the presidency in this regard will be finalized by the congress.

He underlined: Hungary plays a prominent role in world swimming, not only because Hungarian competitors regularly win gold medals at the World Championships and Olympics, but also because when the International Swimming Federation was established in 1908, our country was one of the eight founding members.

The minister announced good news. Photo: Facebook

Péter Szijjártó pointed out that two international sports federations have their headquarters in Hungary for the time being, and ten UN-affiliated organizations also operate here, and they are all satisfied with the conditions.

“Of course, it will be a huge recognition for Hungary if the global center of the International Swimming Federation moves here to Budapest. It is the express goal of the organization’s leaders that at least half of the staff at the center that controls the world’s swimming sport will be Hungarian,” he said.

“Obviously, their move here will boost sports tourism to an extraordinary extent and will increase Hungary’s already not small role in the world’s swimming and water polo sports even more,” he added.


The article is in Hungarian


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