Index – Interior – According to the ministry, more and more young people are choosing the teaching career

Index – Interior – According to the ministry, more and more young people are choosing the teaching career
Index – Interior – According to the ministry, more and more young people are choosing the teaching career

“In the past few days, the left has published deliberate distortions in the press regarding teacher training, however, the facts clearly show that the number of young people choosing to become teachers in Hungary is increasing significantly, which means recognition of the renewed Hungarian higher education system,” stated the Ministry of Culture and Innovation ( KIM) on Friday with MTI.

According to the announcement, the number of applicants in this year’s higher education admission procedure increased significantly, by about 27 percent, compared to the previous year. A total of more than 126,000 people applied to university or college this year

they added.

Based on the admission data, there is a remarkable increase compared to last year in the kindergarten teacher, special education teacher and teacher-teaching majors. The number of applicants for kindergarten teacher training increased from 1,440 to 3,270, while the number of those who chose the special education teacher course increased from 1,641 to 2,696, they write.

Interest in teacher-teaching programs is also constantly increasing, as the number of applicants increased from 4,409 to 5,843 compared to last year.

the ministry wrote. According to the ministry, while maintaining the number of applicants for undivided teacher training within the teacher training field last year, the proportion of applicants for the master’s degree increased significantly, from 1953 to 2,453.

This figure represents an increase of 41 percent, which shows that more and more young people are interested in the teaching career

– can be read in the ministry’s announcement. It was pointed out that half of the applicants for the aforementioned master’s degree in teaching applied for mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, and IT.

“Based on the above, it is clear that the popularity of the teaching profession is increasing among young people. The government is committed to making teacher training even more flexible and raising teachers’ wages further, thereby making the teaching career attractive to young people,” they said, adding that the draft of the new teacher career law, which is being prepared and has undergone extensive professional consultations, is lays the groundwork for further significant salary increases for teachers. The wage increase can be realized if Hungary receives the EU funds due to it, the announcement states.

It is not among the most popular majors

3,357 people – that’s how many people applied for some form of undivided teacher training this year. Therefore, teacher training courses were not included in the list of the 10 most popular majors for admission this year either, even though 126,000 applied for higher education.

There are majors in which the situation is a little better, while the forecasts for science subjects are worrying.


Based on the numbers published by, a total of 1,336, including those who did not select the teacher training or teacher training courses they chose in the first place.

According to statistics, most people want to become English teachers, combining it with some other profession; 607 people indicated such training at ELTE in any place of their admission order.

The situation is most difficult in the case of science subjects and professional pairs. Out of 35 applicants, only three indicated first that biologythey would be teachers majoring in chemistry, and only two out of 14 applicants would be teachers majoring in biology and mathematics – if they are not hired in another major – while none of the first correct applicants would pair this natural science subject with physics.

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