Two men found treasures worth millions in Somogy

Two men found treasures worth millions in Somogy
Two men found treasures worth millions in Somogy

It has been researched for years, lurking underground, archeological treasures after a man from Somogy county and his son. Their treasure hunts were quite successful, they happened to come across a collection of 44 medieval silver thalers worth more than 12 million forints, or a 14th century gold signet ring worth 6 million forints and many other archaeological finds of lesser value, bronze utility objects. , jewels and coins were collected.

The only problem was, the Telex wrote, that they kept some of the findings for themselves and sold the other part. For this reason, the Nagyatád District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against them and a third companion for theft and other crimes.

Photo: Somogy County Prosecutor General’s Office

According to the indictment, the man in his forties and his son in his twenties have had metal detectors since 2015, but they did not have an official permit for them. Nevertheless, for almost five years, father and son visited various small settlements in Somogy, such as Kercseliget, Böhönye, Mernye, Szenta and Nagyberki, for almost five years, looking for archaeological finds.

According to the relevant legislation, the objects found are the property of the state and cannot be commercialized. However, father and son kept some of them for themselves and sold the other part. The father must also answer to the court because during the search of his residence, the investigators found a firearm held without a license.

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