This is how the shops will be open during the Whitsun long weekend

This is how the shops will be open during the Whitsun long weekend
This is how the shops will be open during the Whitsun long weekend

Some of the beaches open on Pentecost. If the weather is good.

Pentecost falls on the seventh Sunday and Monday after Easter. This year, Whit Sunday will be on May 28, and Whit Monday will be on May 29. Since these two days are holidays, according to the main rule, they are also public holidays. The weekend will therefore be three days long – Saturday is not a public holiday, just a simple day of rest. The long weekend opening hours of the shops are also based on this.

  • On Saturday, May 27, we can still shop during the usual Saturday opening hours.
  • However, on May 28, Sunday and May 29, Monday, small shops, shops, plazas, shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, chain stores, etc. will not be open according to the main rule.
  • On Tuesday, May 31, life will return to normal with normal opening hours.

Post offices will not be open on Whit Monday either. This week, post offices providing customer service in the county will provide extended Monday opening hours on Tuesday, May 30, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

As before, there may be exceptions to the general business opening hours, so for example you will be able to shop on public holidays:

  • at petrol stations and in the shops operating there,
  • in independent flower shops,
  • at the newspapers,
  • in candy stores,
  • in the non-stop, day-and-night shops,
  • in the traffic shops (if the owner or a member of his family works there),
  • as well as in catering and entertainment venues.

If you need to buy medicine, you should know that on Sundays and Mondays, you can only go to pharmacies that are open 0-24 hours a day, i.e. open on holidays as well as on-call and on-call pharmacies. Pharmacies that are also open on rest days may be open on Saturday. Information on on-call or standby pharmacies can be found on the OGYÉI website.

This year, Children’s Day (the last Sunday of May, i.e. the 28th) also falls on the Pentecost long weekend. Those who plan to go to the beach for the long weekend, even just for the sake of the children, should check online beforehand to see if the place where they would like to splash around is already open. Based on the summary on termá, the Pünkösdfürdő Beach, for example, only opens on June 24 this year (if the weather is good). But there are many beaches and beach areas of spas that open just in time for the long weekend, on Saturday, May 27.

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