12 great programs across the country that you shouldn’t miss this June


There is no fairy tale, summer has arrived, which we can welcome and enjoy at several locations across the country. We have collected the best for you so that you can spend June with great programs.

Tokaj Wine Days (June 2-4, 2023)

Inimitable summer wine days are being prepared between June 2 and 4 in Tokaj, which is 950 years old this year. In the emblematic city of white wines, visitors are welcomed with tasty wine tastings, exciting concerts and mouth-watering gastronomic experiences. During the three days, various programs are prepared for visitors throughout the city, which can even be accessed by the sightseeing train. Admission is free, but some programs require the exchange of a separate entry ticket, which you should find out about before arriving.

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Slavi! Festival, Pilisborosjenő (June 2-4, 2023)

The Seláví! Festival in the spirit of slow tourism, eco-awareness and overall artistry, June 2-4. between, for the third time now Pilisborosjenő welcomes visitors. Young and old alike can have fun at the family-friendly festival, as there will once again be music, literature, gastronomy, an industrial arts fair, and exciting children’s programs are also being prepared. This time, the location is located at the replica of the Egri castle, in the embrace of the Pilisi Park Forest, where you can have a carefree picnic with a bottle of fine wine, forgetting about the worries of everyday life.

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Wine region weekend, Monor (June 10, 2023)

Monor, the city of a thousand cellars, will open its doors to visitors on June 10, so that during the Wine Region weekend, we can taste quality wines in the 180-hectare area of ​​the cellar village. Thanks to the free event, visitors can taste the offerings of 22 domestic wine regions thanks to the cooperation of nationally known winemakers and local open cellars. Those interested are welcomed with a friendly atmosphere, free music programs, a children’s playground and local products in the cellars of Lanka. And between June 29 and July 1, festival-goers are invited to the city center for the Taste the Czech Republic! for an event.

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ART Piknik Pannonhalma (June 10-11, 2023)

The ART Piknik, held this year between June 10 and 11, was created on the basis of a special concept, as a meeting of top gastronomy and art in Pannonhalma. The country’s best-known restaurants and catering establishments will take part in the free event, so you can even meet Michelin-starred chefs during the two days. At the craft fair of the festival, you can get delicious portékas, you can take part in art programs, exhibitions, workshops, but the WAMP Design Market and the Pici Market will also join the event this year.

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Tiszavirág Festival, Szolnok (June 14-18, 2023)

The Tisza park in Szolnok will be filled with various wineries and brandy houses this year as well, in order to present the visitors with quality alcoholic juices from different regions of our country. In addition to the tastings, there will also be gastronomic exhibitors, so that you can accompany the wines and brandies with a wide selection of cheese specialties, iron pies or even Mangalica sausage. Two stages are responsible for the atmosphere on site, where music from folk music to swing and chansons to jazz will be played during the five days.

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Miskolc Splash Festival (June 16-17, 2023)

Countless, perhaps unknown, varieties of fröccs can be tasted at the Miskolc Fröccsfestival, between June 16 and 17. This year, the area of ​​the festival was also expanded, so Kisavas was connected to Nagyavas via the Mélyvölgy with a few long steps. At the established wineries, you can even mix the spritz yourself, and at the gastronomic exhibitors, visitors are welcomed with the most delicious snacks possible. In addition to all this, they make our visit to Miskolc memorable with street musicians, concerts and other program opportunities.

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Debrecziner Gourmet Festival (June 16-18, 2023)

On the occasion of the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival, the best of the Hungarian gastronomic world will move to the Great Forest on June 16-18. between. This weekend, visitors can explore the gastro map from Sopron through Karcag, through Budapest and Encs to Debrecen. Ádám Thür, IKON’s chef, is responsible for the professional direction of the festival, with gastroblogger András Jókuti ‘Világevő’ guiding us through the sumptuous food and drink offerings, and Zsófi Mautner appearing on stage, among others. This year, menus inspired by our summer memories, served in a new guise, will impress fans of special dishes. With the Gourmets family ticket, both young and old gourmands can indulge in culinary delights.

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BEAT Festival, Balatonalmádi (June 22-25, 2023)

This year, for the first time, the BEAT Festival, starting from the underground world, but not only for a narrow segment, will be held in Balatonalmádi, June 22-25. between. The hottest performers of the Hungarian music scene are all included in the lineup, so you can meet Dzúdlo, Beton.Hofi, Krúbi, Carson Coma, Csannekedkislán and Bëlga. In addition to the strong musical performance, the Wesselényi beach will also have everything from street art, graffiti, street dance, skateboard, parkour, airtrack, slackline and so on. Change your tickets in time, don’t miss out on the biggest cavalcade of the summer!

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VéNégy Festival and Theater Meeting, Nagymaros (June 22-25, 2023)

Between June 22 and 25, the 10th VéNégy Festival awaits you with an invigorating international offer and more than half a hundred music programs in Nagymaros. In the line-up worthy of the jubilee, the leading Hungarian bands are represented, including Analog Balaton, Bagossy Brothers Company, Belga, Beton.Hofi, Blahalouisiana, Carson Coma, Csannekedkislány, Dzúdló, Halott Pénz and Elefánt. gives a concert at the most beautiful location on the Danube Bend. In addition to Hungarian performers, musicians from different countries also visit Nagymaros to raise the profile of the event even further.

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Mézesvölgy Summer, Veresegyház (June 23 – August 31, 2023)

Cultural programs are also being prepared at Veresegyház within the framework of the open-air theater festival Mézesvölgy Summer, between June 23 and August 31. The company of the Veres1 Theater has scheduled countless successful plays again this year, so we can see the plays A padlás, A Pál utcai fiúk and The cage of crazy women, which offer all-night entertainment. The range of musical programs is strengthened by the Welsh rock singer Bonnie Tyler and János Bródy and the Cotton Club Singers. About the other programs mezesvolgyinyar.hu you can find information on the page.

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ChardonnÉJ, Etyek (June 24, 2023)

The Etyeki Kúria Winery would like to introduce the general public to their chardonnay batches, which they have been making for nearly 30 years, in a more informal way. On June 24, you are invited to Etyek, on the historic wine-historical Öreghegy, so that a total of 20 domestic and international wineries and champagne cellars can present their available chardonnay still and sparkling wines, as well as their sparkling wines, within the framework of their ChardonnÉJ event. The program starts with a walk-in tasting at 5 p.m., followed by live music from 8 p.m. courtesy of the Garami Funky Staff. Hurry up! You can still grab the limited number of early bird tickets available HERE by clicking!

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Water, Music, Flower Festival, Tata (June 30 – July 2, 2023)

Between June 30 and July 2, the most popular artists of the Hungarian light music scene will visit the party arena set up on the shore of the Öreg-tó in Tata to tempt you to a party that lasts until dawn. Azahriah, Carson Coma, Kowalsky and Vega, AK26, Attila Bárány and Follow the Flow strengthen the lineup of 10 performers of the Víz, Zene, Virág Festival, and the list is not even complete. The concerts can only be visited with a ticket, while the fair, the wine court, the amusement park and the gastrotér can also be visited without a ticket.

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We also have some program ideas for the Pentecost weekend:

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