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The whole of Hungary could see Gabriela Spanic’s nipple, her dress slipped off live

Gabriela Spanic’s dress slipped down on Saturday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.

Although Gabriela Spanic did not win the first season of Dancing with the Stars, she still finished on the podium with Andrei Mangra. The soap opera queen is now a permanent member of the dance show, she participated as a guest judge in the 2nd season and returned to the semi-finals this year.

Gabriela’s entrance was a great success, as she flashed a lot against her will. Her light blue dress slipped down at her right breast, so the actress flashed her nipple live. In the video below, it is clear that TV2 uploaded the broadcast by covering Spanic’s chest, but several of the photographers present also managed to capture the flash.

Nóra Ördög’s husband, Pál Nánási, reacted to this awkward but memorable entrance in the online background program of Dancing with the Stars.

“There’s no need to worry, her breast is already hanging out, we’re over all the trouble!”

Even though the actress’ clothes are making the internet buzz right now, the people this show is about must also be mentioned. In the semi-finals we also saw dazzling productions, each couple did their best to be there in next week’s final.

The dance of Bence Vavra and Laura Lissák did not really impress the jury, however, and Gabriela Spanic noted that it lacked fire. In the end, they had to leave the show.

Pap Dorci has something down there that she has been able to keep secret until now

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