TV2 badly cheated the viewers with Farm VIP, mass outrage broke out because of the channel

TV2 badly cheated the viewers with Farm VIP, mass outrage broke out because of the channel
TV2 badly cheated the viewers with Farm VIP, mass outrage broke out because of the channel

The new season of Farm VIP started on TV2 on Monday evening. The channel changed its evening schedule at the last minute, because it was originally the case that Párharc would not be on the screen on Monday, however, TV2 finally decided to air András Stohl’s program late at night. However, this program change did not modify the start of Farm VIP, it was announced from 7:55 p.m., so the viewers kept to that as well.

It also caused mass outrage after people realized they had been misled by TV2 to begin with. Those who switched to the channel at 19:55 could see that the first broadcast of Farm VIP was already in full swing. However, disappointed viewers were misled not only by the beginning, but also by the ending.

“TV2 wrote the start at 19:55, but it started earlier!! At 53, it was already in full swing.. Now when does it start?”

“And they wrote the end at 10:45 p.m., it was over at 10:25 p.m. I do not understand this either…”

“I missed it too”

– wrote the commentators, but there were also those who said after the first broadcast that the crime-reality Traitors on RTL was much better and more enjoyable.

For the time being, the viewers do not sympathize with many of the players from this year’s Farm VIP: Ica Bíró and Károly Rékasi have been receiving criticism on social media ever since. According to the viewers, Rékasi is still too involved in the role of Zsolt Bartha, whom he played for so many years in Barátok kotbet, while others think that the actor may have a mental illness. The viewers disliked him mainly because of his dispute with Szabyest.

“Rékasi, I hope he will go home as soon as possible”

“Who the hell invited this 100-color nerve-wracking Rékasi to this show?? This season is the worst as far as the characters are concerned….Calling Rékasi was the worst possible idea…pffff”

“Someone tell Rékasi that he no longer needs to bring a Zsolt Bartha figure. Although it somewhat overshadows the tough boy feeling that he cries over a math problem”

“Poor thing. It’s as if something is mentally wrong with him”

– just a few examples from the countless comments.

The spectators also smiled that several of the players asked themselves that they had to do their business in a potty toilet. Both Edina Balogh and Tünde Polgár resented the fact that they had to be in such conditions for several weeks.

Of course, the question arises, what did they expect, what will await them on a farm?

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