Index – In the meantime – You can’t get enough of bear cubs wrestling with each other

Index – In the meantime – You can’t get enough of bear cubs wrestling with each other
Index – In the meantime – You can’t get enough of bear cubs wrestling with each other

The rumor train has started.

It was broadcast two weeks ago Bachelor – The Big One matchmaking reality finale, from which it was revealed that Jákob Zoltán’s heart was stolen by the mother of one child, Bettina Hajnal, with whom he had sex on the morning after the last broadcast. Mochain they announced that they continue to meet each other bravely, since they did not even meet in the months following the shooting, so as not to fall apart. And although in the meantime, they lined up for their first private date, about which they also made a TikTok video, it was clear to commentators and some tabloids that their relationship ran aground.

The speculation was started by the fact that the billionaire businessman, who is also nicknamed the nail king, traveled to Dubai without his new partner at the weekend, he published a short TikTok video at least from a luxury hotel there. Jákob successfully dodged the questions from fans about why he didn’t take Betti with him, who in the meantime checked in from an Italian restaurant in Budapest, which is why it seemed to many that they had broken up.

Things were finally cleared up by the chosen one of the Great One. As it turned out, Hungary’s 39th richest man did not upload real-time content to his platform.

“I have neither the desire nor the energy to respond to every single comment, and although I am available to the author of any article, no one took the trouble to investigate the truth over the weekend. Of course

the truth is even simpler than a slap. Zoli traveled to Dubai about a week before the last episode of A Nagy Ó aired on TV2. Ergo, I couldn’t be there with him for reasons that have already been repeated to the point of boredom. All I could do was laugh a lot at the articles about our breakup, and maybe once I commented in response to a comment that a relationship that has not really started can’t end.

– the mother responded to Bors, adding that the ball is now in the billionaire’s court.

“It doesn’t take a lot of common sense for anyone to realize that a relationship made in front of the cameras can’t be fully deepened while our every moment is followed by a full crew. And many months have passed since the last day of filming, and we didn’t see each other, or only very often, because if they had seen us together anywhere, the magic would have been there. It directly follows from this that I could not travel with Zoli, and also that we could start getting to know each other for real, without cameras, just a few days ago,” clarified the 31-year-old woman, emphasizing that she manages her relationship with the billionaire patiently.

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