3 zodiac signs who spoil the family celebration

3 zodiac signs who spoil the family celebration
3 zodiac signs who spoil the family celebration

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Do you also have relatives who you see less during the year also gather at this time? And do you also have one or two grumpy bears in your family, people who can’t be happy about anything, who make it difficult for you to freely enjoy yourself?

We do not claim that they want evil, especially that the people born with these signs are not kind and loving people. It’s just that the decorations related to the holiday don’t always suit them, and their surroundings are puzzled by the matter: why does everyone’s mood have to be ruined again?


Since Aries people really like to work (many of them might not be an exaggeration to call workaholics), or if not to work, at least to come, go, do: they hate everything that results in delay or inactivity, especially when they feel that hardly anything is happening . This is why the holiday period is especially difficult for them, when they “have” to take time off and are condemned to long-term inactivity. Although this is not their intention, their grumpiness and grumbling unfortunately often spoil the festive mood for those around them, as they make them feel that they would rather be anywhere else than with them. If we want to tame them a little, don’t expect them to not engage in work at all during the holidays or indulge in their passion for sports. We are already much more into it if we leave it in the morning or in the evening, let them go and move around for an hour or two. It helps if we don’t get angry that they can check their emails even on the 24th, and also if we entrust them with some work-type activity (depending on the degree of kinship, we can make them work in the kitchen, but it’s also good if we appoint them to be in charge of music). We will all feel better.

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Virgos are famous for being extremely critical of themselves and others. They can’t stop being judgmental even when they are sitting with their family at the festive table or when they are opening presents. They want everything to be perfect so much that even the smallest mistake frustrates them. Therefore, instead of giving and receiving gifts with joy, they worry about whether their gifts will be good enough, or they feel ashamed because they also feel that it is not right to look for faults and things to improve in others. Since Virgos are often committed to healthy eating habits, it is sometimes difficult for them to watch their loved ones stuff themselves with sweets and other unhealthy foods. Their merciless filter catches the gluttons, those who drink too much or are impolite to others.

Holidays stress Virgos even more than usual, so if they have the opportunity, they avoid celebrating together. If we all want to have a good time with Virgos in our company, let’s make ourselves aware that the zodiac sign’s criticisms are not aimed at us, and that it feels very bad for them to behave in this way. Let’s try to take it humorously and not make a big deal out of the comments.


The large feasts that come with the holidays simply mean too much stimulus and noise for the often sensorially hypersensitive Libras. At the dinner table, everyone talks over each other’s heads, so Libra does not find the peace and harmony that it usually enjoys in its everyday life. The holiday season puts them in a tight spot if only because they hate all kinds of injustice, but they also really hate confrontation. However, when many people gather, it is difficult to avoid conflict, just as it is natural for unsaid things or old grievances to float above the table. Such an atmosphere is poison for the sensitive, harmony-seeking Libra. If we don’t want to watch the poor guy on the verge of crying all night, let’s give him more space, and instead of sitting at the table in awkward silence, after dinner, get a quiet board game so we can spend quality time, or get him a book to eat after that, you can immediately fall for him in a quiet corner.

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