What we have here? Another Hungarian star couple has announced that they are divorcing

What we have here? Another Hungarian star couple has announced that they are divorcing
What we have here? Another Hungarian star couple has announced that they are divorcing

The actress attended István Horvai’s and Dezső Kapás’s classes at the Academy of Drama, and was a member of the Vígsthínház for ten years after graduation. Kéri Kitty has filmed feature films and TV films and series, dubs world stars, founded the Kisfaludy Theater in Balatonfüred, organizes performances, is head of the department at MATE’s acting training in Kaposvár, and directs in Kaposvár and Sopron. His son, Dani, is studying to become an international lawyer, and his daughter, Flóra, is a dancer. Kitty is hot! magazine interview.

László Szabolcs/Hot(!) magazine

hot!: The couple István Horvai and Dezső Kapás had a good eye, all of the twelve graduates became leading actors.

KK: Twenty of us started, and they told us in advance that they would cut it in half. After six months of discussions, there was a huge rift, it all took a toll on us mentally.

hot!: Did your class teacher invite you to the Vígszínház?

KK: István Horvai was no longer the director at that time. Meanwhile, László Babarczy and Tamás Ascher called me to Kaposvár. I would have liked to go, but Horvai did not allow me to go to the countryside during the practical year, and then my grandfather fell ill. I had a very close relationship with my grandparents, so I decided to stay in Víg.

hot!: But you didn’t regret going there?

KK: I got better and better roles, I liked the company and the directors. But after eleven years I longed for new impulses. László Marton was worried about me, my husband went to university, there were two small children… I jumped into the unknown. But if not, then I can’t play at Márton Karinthy, in Veszprém, in Szolnok… I was interested in what’s in the countryside. There came a period when I would say that I drove as much as a truck driver, I went home after rehearsals and performances, I only spent the week of the main rehearsal at the theater.

hot!: Being an artist from Pest, you moved to Balatonfüred.

KK: That’s when Flóra was admitted to the Academy of Dance. I supported her in everything, although her father initially tried to dissuade her, he told her how difficult the career was, but our little girl said she was made for it. He became a college student. Missing him hurt a lot.

hot!: It is not known that you are divorced…

KK: It happened after twenty years, officially one and a half years ago. Our relationship is friendly, if only because of our children. Our son is 23 and our daughter is 21. We are very proud of them. Dani studies international law in Maastricht. Flóra became a dancer, like her father. We work together, he creates wonderful choreographies for me, most recently for the play Ájlávjú and now for Anouihl’s Acsirta.

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