Index – FOMO – The Peti Marics can put Majka on both shoulders on Thursday

Index – FOMO – The Peti Marics can put Majka on both shoulders on Thursday
Index – FOMO – The Peti Marics can put Majka on both shoulders on Thursday

It is no longer new abroad that, just like the greats of the film world, different content producers and influencers are also recognized, but the owners of the title, which is often used in a negative sense, can now reap the rewards of their activities in Hungary as well. This year, the Creator Awards 2023 gala will be held for the first time, at which the most outstanding and talented content producers will be awarded, in 24 different categories.

The private gala to be held on the evening of November 23, in the Millenáris D building, was dreamed up by the advertising agency Post For Rent. Their primary goal was to evaluate and recognize the work of talents known on social media, and to focus a greater spotlight on individual, outstanding achievements. The organizers want all candidates to feel that they are valued and that their work is important in the marketing profession. The host of the gala evening will be Attila Till.

Prestigious professional jury, strict framework

As in the case of most professional awards, the sympathy and votes of the audience are not necessarily enough to win the Creator Awards, as the candidates of the various categories are selected by a 9-person professional jury in addition to the votes, and the final result will be determined after their decision. The members come from the most diverse corners of marketing, television and journalism, and their evaluation is quite important, as their votes make up 70 percent of the final result.

The professional jury:

  • Gabor Fischerprogram director of the TV2 Group
  • Sparrow MarcellRTL Senior Creative Producer
  • Bálint HadacsHead of Social Media & Content at Mito Creative
  • David Katzjournalist of
  • Christian Simonthe editor-in-chief and co-owner of Marketing & Media magazine
  • Vojcehovsky Richardfounder of creative agency YEP Content
  • Lili RáczSocial Media Manager at VMLY&R advertising agency
  • Eszter HollósyAdvocacy & PR Director at Wavemaker Hungary
  • Orsolya VerikContent Marketing and Social Media Group Manager at Yettel

The judges assigned their points to each candidate in each category according to a predetermined, strict framework. Although the criteria varied by category, the important question for all of them is that:

  1. How unique and original is the content shared by the influencer?
  2. How creatively do you present your sponsorship content?
  3. What is the level of audience involvement? (this includes likes, comments and overall interactions) How well does your content start conversations with your followers?
  4. How high is the quality of content production?
  5. To what extent do the contents and services it advertises match the category nominated at the Creator Awards?
  6. To what extent does the influencer contribute to changing the perception of the industry in a positive direction?

In addition, of course, the audience’s votes cannot be neglected, of which a fair number were received by the given deadline, during which time 500,000 votes were cast and a total of more than 20 million page downloads took place.

Majka, T. Danny and Peti Marics are also hungry for prizes

At the Creator Awards gala, the nominees will be awarded in 24 categories, in the compilation of which the team tried to cover every single corner of the industry, so that creative content producers in every theme would be awarded. There are purely data-based categories and also those where only the votes of the audience counted (for example, in the case of Favorite Couple) or only the opinion of the jury – as in the category called Biggest Impact.

On November 5, the list of candidates was narrowed down to three candidates in each category. Based on this, the following influenza agents can look forward to Thursday with increased excitement:

  • Audience Favorite: Benedek Szabó (Benikonyhaja), Richárd Poleczki, Viktória Halmosi
  • Best Engagement Rate – Instagram:
    Among those with more than 300,000 followers: Manuel, T. Danny, Peti Marics
    Among those with between 100 and 300 thousand followers: Brúnó Pető, Adri Makk, PSG Ogli7
    Among those with between 20 and 100 thousand followers: Jauri, Tamás Trunk, Major Emma
  • Best Engagement Rate – TikTok:
    Among those with more than 500,000 followers: Angéla Zsigmond, Lil G, Adrienn Makk
    Among those with less than 500 thousand followers: Zsombor Radics, Patrik Stumpf, Attila Csecse
  • Traveling: Barna Abosi, Benedek Nagy, Nánási’s
  • Food Blogger: Eszter Iszak – FiatalFood, Olivér Nébald, Kristóf Steiner
  • Brand builder: Csaba Kajdi – Cyla Shop, Edina Kulcsár – BraidMe and More, Zsozéatya – Nber Energiaital
  • Health/Fitness: Tímea Gelencsér, Márk Liszkai, Dániel Nagy
  • Fashion: Nini Molnár, Patrik Stumpf, Whisper Ton
  • Beauty: Rebeka Kárpáti, Sydney van den Bosch, Tímea Gelencsér
  • Biggest Impact: Péter Dancsó, Csaba Magyarósi, Gergely Szirmai
  • Business: Dr. Kriszta Hevesi, Dr. András Kulja, Traveling Monkey
  • Comedies: Csaba Kajdi (Cyla), Levente Kapi, Patrik Stumpf
  • gamer: Barna Abosi, Polla Körcsönye, Zsozéatya
  • Video Podcast: Kriszta D. Tóth – I’ll take you with me, Istenest, Club Levente
  • For A Greener Future: Peti Puskás, Reményfarm, Kristóf Steiner
  • Favorite Couple: Adél Csobot and Bence Istenes, Nora Ördög and Pál Nánási, Vivien Verebélyi and Norbi Nagy
  • Best Production: Barna Abosi, Gergely Szirmai, Whisper Ton
  • musician: Peti Marics, Milán Valkusz, T. Danny, Majka
  • Top TikTok Creators: Lady Thirsty, Sápi Vivi, Whisper Ton
  • Top YouTube Creators: Barni Abosi, Alex Csigér, Videomania
  • Top Instagram Creators: Timi Gelencsér, Bence Istenes, Fruzsi Viszkok
  • Lifestyle WMN: Ramona Nagy-Kovács, Zsófi Szabó, Fruzsi Viszkok
  • Lifestyle MAN: Fecó Frohner, Zozó Kempf, Ábel Török
  • From Social to TV: Peti Marics, Dániel Nagy, T. Danny

You can read more about Thursday’s event and the candidates by clicking here, and Index will also report on what happened at the gala. In addition to the award ceremony, the audience can also see a real super production at the end of the evening with the stars of the Post For Rent musician’s portfolio. The performers also perform solo songs.

(Cover photo: Peti Marics, Majka and Milán Valkusz. Photo: Péter Papajcsik, Kata Németh / Index)

The article is in Hungarian

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