Index – Culture – Hungarian films won prestigious awards

Index – Culture – Hungarian films won prestigious awards
Index – Culture – Hungarian films won prestigious awards

Noémi Veronika Szakonyi Six weeks film screening in Szale, Morocco, while Ádám Császi Three thousand numbered pieces his work entitled won the main prize of the international film festival in Ljubljana over the weekend. Aaron Gauder Coyote’s Four Souls His animation won the best at Cinanima in Espinho, Portugal, and was also awarded at the Future Film Festival in Bologna, MTI reports based on the announcement of the National Film Institute.

He was awarded the main prize Six weeks they also praised his formal and technical confidence, his artistic execution and his deep humanity.

With its lively narration and original screenplay, Eleven makes viewers rethink their preconceptions

– the information sheet quotes the words of the jury.

THE Three thousand numbered pieces The black comedy entitled, according to the jury’s praise, is a work made with a special cast, which raises questions such as whether it is possible to talk about the topic of race without racism, or whether the mutual hatred of the minority and the majority is necessary.

At Cinanima, Portugal’s large-scale animation festival, held in Espinho for the 23rd time now, the Coyote’s Four Souls the animated film won the main prize, while it took home the Green Future award of the Future Film Festival from Bologna over the weekend. Through the Indians’ creation myth, the film draws attention to the challenges facing all of humanity.

The works of the youngest Hungarian filmmakers were also praised at the Cinanima festival: Olivér Hegyi The garden of the heart his work entitled Lili Tóth won the prize for the best animated short film He’s a piper and his film was awarded with a certificate of recognition.

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