These films lead the list of cinema hits, but there are also some that set a negative record

These films lead the list of cinema hits, but there are also some that set a negative record
These films lead the list of cinema hits, but there are also some that set a negative record

No feature film can come close to the success of Taylor Swift’s concert film: it is unexploded from the theaters in its sixth week.

Although it has already lost its podium position, The Eras Tour still took the eighth place in the weekend ratings.

The big starter of the weekend was the prequel film The Hunger Games, the ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,

but for now, it opened weaker than Marvels, which broke the negative record of Marvel films. According to Box Office Mojo, horror films have not yet been eliminated from the competition either.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

The young adult or “young adult” fiction genre enjoyed overwhelming popularity in the late 2000s, one of the most decisive participants of which was Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. A few years later, Hollywood also rode the wave of popularity, and The Hunger Games became the first a big-budget young adult blockbuster, many consider these films to be the best in their category.The prequel to the trilogy was released in 2020 and has now been adapted into a film.

It says a lot about the twilight of the genre that while The Hunger Games brought in $152 million in its first weekend in the United States in 2012, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes opened with just $44 million.


The low flight of the Marvels continues: although it was still the third most watched in cinemas in its second weekend, this can only be attributed to the fact that it was released at a time when not many other films came to the screening rooms. There was a possibility that he would have had to compete with the second act of the Dune, in which case we could certainly have talked about an even bigger fall. According to the data of Box Office Mojo, the Marvels can register an almost 78 percent drop in revenue, based on this, not much good can be predicted for the third weekend.

Trolls: The Gang Together

The new animated film of the Trolls franchise, Együtt a banda, has arrived, targeting the younger audience. The films based on the Troll toy characters invented by Thomas Dam have always been a hit with younger audiences, and the quality of the animation and the original theme songs have been recognized by critics, even if the story and characters were clearly not aimed at adults. The Band Together opened with nearly $32 million in the United States in its opening weekend, which is good for the genre of animated films for children.

Freddy and Thanksgiving

Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza continues to perform surprisingly well, although it dropped from second place to fifth place last week, it is considered a huge financial success due to its low budget. Meanwhile, a new horror contender arrived over the weekend: Thanksgiving-set slasher horror Fallout’s US opening of $10 million falls well short of Freddy’s opening numbers, but it will certainly make back its $25 million budget in US theaters.

Taylor Swift and Scorsese: who can’t be kicked out of cinemas

Taylor Swift’s concert film, The Eras Tour, is still doing amazing numbers in theaters: the concert film is dominating theaters in its sixth week and has earned $175 million in the United States so far, and will soon reach $245 million worldwide. Also still in the running is Martin Scorsese’s new film, Drowned Flowers, which was able to remain among the ten most viewed films even in its fifth weekend. The three-and-a-half-hour production already has a total revenue of $145, but it is still likely to be a flop, because it will not bring back the $200 million filming cost.

The Hunger Games and the Marvels won’t be able to compete for podium places for long, because they are already in Hungarian cinemas.

Ridley Scott’s new film, Napoleon, arrives on November 22.

based on the preliminary reviews, we should expect a similar big surprise as in the case of Oppenheimer in the summer, and Disney’s new animated film, Kívánság, is also coming – wrote

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