Weekly star energies (11/20 – 11/26)

Weekly star energies (11/20 – 11/26)
Weekly star energies (11/20 – 11/26)

Weekly forecast by behavior analyst and astrologer Fanni Kiss based on the stars.

This week, our internal, transformative processes and the arrival of new energies can take center stage. In the first days, after the Sun-Mars conjunction at the weekend, Pluto connects with both celestial bodies with a supportive effect. This quality can help the process of our rebirth felt in the Martian themes and that the change can really be realized both inside and outside of our lives. In the middle of the week, with the change of sign of the Sun, we leave behind us the period full of intense effects of Scorpio and the period of Sagittarius begins. With the days getting darker and darker, and with the effect of our agitated and disturbed topics, our inner world may now demand more of our attention. We descended into our depths in the month of Scorpio, but a

With the arrival of Sagittarius energies, it is time to find our Inner Light.

This quality invites us to find within ourselves the source of our personal Faith and the internal resources we can rely on even in the most difficult situations. After confronting our important topics and healing the wounds of the soul, we can experience spiritual and spiritual development on this inner path: we can learn lessons and transform our attitude to difficult situations by changing our point of view. In the Sagittarius period, like people strongly affected by the sign, we can also be more risk-taking and open to forming new connections and experiencing new experiences.

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Our goals, ideals, and long-term plans can now come to the fore more prominently, and thanks to the wise energies of the sign, we can begin to summarize our year in spirit. Towards the end of the week, the more difficult topics of the Sun-Mars pair take center stage. Their tense connection with Saturn can put our new relationship formed with our strength and will to the test. By living these consciously and turning the Saturnian energies to our advantage, we can consolidate and strengthen all the positive changes that have taken place in our souls in the past period.

On Monday we can start our week with the energies of the supportive connection of the Pisces Moon and the Sun-Pluto. This effect can represent important healing qualities and support our internal transformational processes. After the more difficult emotional situations that characterized the weekend, it may be more challenging to pick up our rhythm with the Pisces Moon and we may feel more tired or scattered than usual.

On Tuesday the energies of the Pisces Moon remain with us and due to its tense connection with Mercury, we may have double experiences. In its supportive manifestation, this effect can bring a strengthening of intuitive qualities:

our intuitions can now become more intense and clearer than average.

However, it can be challenging to maintain our focus and we may also experience difficulties in communication. On this day, misunderstandings, disagreements and minor conflicts can arise more easily. With the outspoken qualities of Mercury in Sagittarius and our spiritual sensitivity heightened by the Pisces Moon, a word uttered at the wrong moment can cut deeper into our souls.

On Wednesday the supportive conjunction of Mars-Pluto and the conjunction of Moon-Neptune determine our day. These effects can create a powerful healing energy field: in the form of intuitions and dreams, we can receive information and suggestions to resolve our mental blockages and blocks related to the topic of our power and will. Using the breakthrough power of Pluto, we can begin to feel the renewal of our Inner Fire. In the later hours of the day, with the Moon moving into the sign of Aries, we can already feel much more energetic and dynamic.

On Thursday the Sagittarius period begins with the change of sign of the Sun. With the Sun-Saturn light angle, the most important theme of the Sagittarian quality, freedom, can play an even more central role. In connection with the energies of Saturn, we can experience our personal frameworks and limitations more strongly on this day. This effect can bring into focus issues of responsibility and encourage us to draw or protect our personal boundaries. Together with the Aries Moon, this quality can increase our sense of purpose and determination, so on this day we can accomplish more tasks than average or carry out our current tasks with greater vigor.

On Friday the fiery, warlike qualities of the Aries Moon remain with us, while in the background the energy of the tense connection of Mars-Saturn can already be felt. In a symbolic sense

the Mars-Saturn meeting is like sitting in the car and applying the handbrake and pressing the gas at the same time.

We can use this energy to our advantage as much as possible if we represent ourselves in an assertive manner in confrontational situations and direct our acting energy in the direction where we do not encounter obstacles or resistance.

THE our weekend imbued with the energies of the Mars-Saturn meeting. Together with the Taurus Moon, this influence can make issues of personal space and conflict avoidance a central theme. This effect may invite us not to run away from discussing difficult topics, but to formulate our needs and wants in the form of self-messages, to represent ourselves and our personal boundaries in a firm but assertive manner.

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