Kate Winslet revealed why she regretted her nude scene in Titanic

Kate Winslet revealed why she regretted her nude scene in Titanic
Kate Winslet revealed why she regretted her nude scene in Titanic

Adrienn Róka spoke about Kábat’s rash: “I thought he was dead! Literally, my life was spinning in front of me…”

According to him, Jenő Rácz could have been satisfied with the victory on points, he should not have sent the footballer to the floor so aggressively.

As we wrote, a Star box in his Sunday broadcast, Jenő Rácz hit Petit Kabát with such a blow that he fainted and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

“Everything is all right with me! The CT also showed that there is nothing wrong, so you and I can relax”

– said Coat later.

Her partner, Adrienn Róka, watched the match from the side of the ring, then ran in sobbing when Peti Kabát lost consciousness. Now he told story.hu that he lived through the events.

“I’m still under the influence of yesterday’s match and I’ll definitely need a few more days to recover from it all. I don’t want to make myself feel sorry for myself, but I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone.

Let’s start by saying that I absolutely did not support Petit in starting the Starbox. All my life I was afraid of injuries, during his entire football career I was afraid of what would happen to him on the field, and now I was even more excited for him.”

He added that he could hardly watch what was happening in the ring.

“My hands and feet were shaking when Jenő hit him for the first time, I could barely look at him, but he just continued to blow.

All I saw was Peti’s head bobbing back and forth, then he collapsed and lay motionless. Literally my life spun off before me because I thought he was dead!

I fell into a state of unconsciousness and only realized that Balázs Dzudzsák was calling for a doctor, and I was already lying next to Peti in the ring. I prayed that he would come to his senses, get up, show some signs of life, but he was unconscious. The doctors held his tongue to prevent him from swallowing, while they tried to revive him.”

According to him, the fight was not even.

“No matter what Jenő says, I know exactly that he has boxed all his life, so this match was not fair at all. Besides, I don’t understand how you can treat your friend like this?

I understand that boxing is like that and everyone wants to win, but after he knew and saw that he had a much greater advantage than Peti, he could have been satisfied with the points victory, he shouldn’t have sent him to the floor so aggressively. He knew exactly where to hit in order to collapse, and he used that to his advantage.

It was a well-structured match on his part, I congratulate him on the victory!”

And if he doesn’t want to blame Jenő Rácz, he feels that the incident would have understood a question on his part.

“His wife, Dóri, did ask how I was doing, but it was really not suitable for us to talk, because just then Peti’s mother, who was watching the events on TV, called me crying.”

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