Beton.Hofi was invited to an event and he blew it all apart, he wanted to be honest, which turned out very well

Beton.Hofi was invited to an event and he blew it all apart, he wanted to be honest, which turned out very well
Beton.Hofi was invited to an event and he blew it all apart, he wanted to be honest, which turned out very well

This weekend, the Sneakerness Festival was held for the first time in Millenáris Park in Budapest. It is certain that this event will not convince a layman that sneaker culture is really something meaningful. At least it didn’t work for me. A common interest really brings people together, which is great, but this can be said about all existing hobbies. That’s what hobbies are about.

Many families visited the festival, bringing mom, dad, and siblings. Some people came from Kiskunfélegyháza, Csíkszereda, and Zalakaros, which is interesting because the sneaker is a typically big-city, urban phenomenon. If I want to be honest, I as a layman

I see nothing but an empty balloon inflated by global corporations.

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Moreover, the whole thing has long since moved beyond the subculture of basketball or rap music, wearing a loose pike doesn’t automatically mean that you know anything about these circles, you can be a sneaker king just because you have money, see PSG Ogli his appearance at the event – who, by the way, I bet doesn’t have 100-150 sneakers.

I think when I see the TikTok video, this guy is the world record holder for loudmouth.

Here, for example, is Spike Lee’s film a Tit for tat one of his comedic scenes revolves around Air Jordan. That’s pretty much how ridiculous I find this weird shoe culture, even though it had more substance in the 90s than it does today.

At most, you can express the desire to collect through sneakers, not the fascination for a subculture. Of course there are exceptions, for me the passion of Tamás Trunk or Dani Búza is also very authentic. But the grassroots phenomenon is now just a corporate machination into which a few designers and athletes are thrown in to give a face to impersonal consumer products.

They spread the limited series, thus giving the feeling of exclusivity, that what you wear on your feet (or put on your shelf) is not just a piece of clothing, but a work of art, an object of value, and even a special story. There is no question that there is a market for sneakers, but I see that it is a constructed market, it is simply nonsense that a plastic shoe has a serious collector’s value.

It could be called art, and maybe it really has artistic value. Actually, I choose what I wear on my feet quite carefully, but I wouldn’t call it art. This is when we mix entertainment and self-expression with the true purpose of art, which distinguishes a work from a product or a mere function.

The purpose of art is to delight.

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That’s why your jaw drops from the Sistine Chapel or a giant fresco or Gothic building, and that’s why you get chills from a copper cube or Andy Warhol’s screen prints. That’s why Scorsese says that Marvel movies are more circus attractions.

Of course, this is only the elitist conception of art, and it can be easily attacked.

The Air – Fight for the legend for example, I think it turned out to be a very cheeky little movie about how Jordan’s parents convinced him to sign with Nike. This is the fight of the little man, and there is more art in this than in a shoe, even if it had no other purpose than to increase the circulation of Air Jordans. Because it’s about something. This is about:

But what is a shoe about, apart from being elegant, sporty or expensive? Beton.Hofi also came to the event to sign autographs, and he perfectly expressed what ultimately bothers me about this matter.

Except for people coming together, it’s just capitalism, as the rapper puts it: value inflation. The joy of getting a sneaker wears off quickly, while sometimes a whole family struggles to pay the price of unaffordable shoes.

The video is also a very good example of this, in which you can listen to how Beton.Hofi puts it in his own words, also spoke to a couple of parents during the report, which immediately supports the proposition. Not necessarily the part that there is no money left for bread afterwards, but rather that

something was really lost in the construction of capitalism here.

The article is in Hungarian

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