Index – In the meantime – Johnny Depp personally met the Hungarian Jack Sparrow

Index – In the meantime – Johnny Depp personally met the Hungarian Jack Sparrow
Index – In the meantime – Johnny Depp personally met the Hungarian Jack Sparrow

Ádám Slemmer had an unusual experience.

As reported by Index, the story about Modigliani’s life ended a few days ago Modi Filming of a movie titled, in which we will see Johnny Depp in the main role. The works took place in Hungary, thanks to which the actor was also in the capital, but the Hungarian Jack Sparrow never in his wildest dreams thought that thanks to this he would be able to meet the Golden Globe-winning American actor in person.

Slemmer shared the heartwarming story in a large Facebook post, which seems almost unbelievable at first reading, there are so many coincidences in it – but the pictures prove everything.

The young man was on his way home from a Halloween party dressed as Jack Sparrow, he was already in Jászain when a car suddenly honked at him. An older foreign lady got out of the vehicle and wanted a picture with her. As it turned out, the lady was the Penny Rose who made the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. Rose was in Budapest because of Depp’s new film, a To Modi he was also her costume designer.

It is a great honor to meet him, as he is a fantastic costume designer and an absolute role model of mine! He said that he was filming here in Budapest with Johnny Depp (the movie Modi) and that he would show him the picture, because he thought I did a very demanding and beautiful job with the Jack dress. He especially liked my jacket, for which I ordered the material from abroad a long time ago

– said Slemmer in his post, but the real surprise came only after that, because a few days later he received a call, Penny Rose was looking for him. The costume designer inquired about what he was doing the next day, as Slemmer was given the opportunity to a Modi meet Depp in person on his last day of filming.

Unsurprisingly, the man could not refuse the offer, the big meeting took place in the City Park.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled, and then he immediately took on the role of Jack Sparrow, and we approached each other with the typical movements and speech. We flirted for about a minute and brought the figure together, it was an inconceivable experience that I could “play” a little with Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. After that, we talked for a bit, I told him what an honor it was to meet him, how much I adore his work, and how incredible the whole situation is that I can be here. Then he hugged me, I could feel that he was happy for me, a very nice, full-hearted person, as I always thought

– he wrote, but the heartwarming story still did not end there: a few days later, Slemmer also received three pictures signed by Johnny Depp in his mailbox. You can read the full story below:

The article is in Hungarian

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