October horoscope forecast for Libra: you will realize that you don’t have to conform to the world, the appearance of your old lover may cause an explosive situation at home

October horoscope forecast for Libra: you will realize that you don’t have to conform to the world, the appearance of your old lover may cause an explosive situation at home
October horoscope forecast for Libra: you will realize that you don’t have to conform to the world, the appearance of your old lover may cause an explosive situation at home

Family problems can make the relationship difficult, so that fate confronts us with the fact that we should not push everything to the end. Yes, you have to stand up for yourself if something is not good enough. The rest will be history, but we have to start the process by saying what is not as it should be for us.

There is no way we can rely on “oh what will anyone say”

because this is about us and we learn to accept the world as we are, not as we think it wants to see us.

As a balance, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in our older age, the appearance can become rigid on our face and we wear it like a made-up mask on the outside, while no one can see the broken mirror inside – even though that is our soul and it can be beautiful as it is, if we accept it. But this is very difficult, unfortunately.

In the first week, we may run into an illness that knocks us off our feet. Obviously, flu season is here, we just don’t tolerate it well. It can bring out the malice in us… the Mercury-Neptune opposition also shows an awakening where yesterday’s truth is tomorrow’s illusion. Let’s be aware of this if we really push new discoveries at work.

Mercury trine Pluto for us, it is a serious danger to the family, as we can approach things with such confusion or malice from deep – and from hidden grievances – that in the end

lead to an explosion at home.

The trine has an insidious effect, because we think it can only bring good!

The change of sign of Mercury can make the coming weeks busy, let’s be creative!

Around the age of eight, maybe an inheritance will bring you a fever, which comes, and in the best case, we can be happy about it.

At the same time, if we did not separate in time, it is now possible that our other half, existing on the remains of the cooled relationship, will walk away with a part of this inheritance in a way that we will not be happy with. Maybe you just find something more beautiful or better, which you don’t deserve, but for no reason, and we can rebuild the future on the ruins of our shattered self-esteem.

It’s pretty cruel, but unfortunately that’s life, and we’re strong enough to survive this too.

In the second week, Mars square Pluto can pull the power back into the family – let’s say through us – because we can prevent some destruction with a simple and very effective action. The flip side is that

we have an elemental hatred towards someone and this can break out of us now.

The question is, how much will we be ashamed of ourselves because of our legitimate anger? Venus changes signs and gets into a position where our self-esteem can be shaken, or we are much less confident than we would be otherwise. It’s only a few weeks away, but until then it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on it.

The Venus-Saturn opposition can indicate difficulties at work, where we really have no desire to get up and, as a result, work, so we are late…

Mars’ change of ticket is not unexpected either, we will be much tougher and more material for a few weeks. But the money will come.

On the fourteenth it can be like we have to give up our sexual needs. We can bury the good times, but it’s worth paying attention, because someone is just waiting for us to fall on them. Dare to socialize even after disappointment, or let our girlfriends comfort you and introduce you to new people. Moreover,

there is even an old love hiding somewhere in the past who should be contacted,

even though the breakup might not have been fun.

In the third week, we can face things at work with excessive confidence – there is so much danger that we don’t see something that is foggy and think that we are already over it. If we tidy up, or did it last year, then it can’t haunt us, but if we don’t, the problem could come at the beginning of the week.

Mercury square Pluto can uncover lies in our beloved home that we may not want to face. Remember, what we don’t know doesn’t hurt – and this particular wisdom may have a healing effect during this square.

The new sign change of Mercury takes us towards material things, we can face the real situation and look for solutions to improve our quality of life.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio, we can already prepare for the new month. The Sun trine Saturn refers to either our health or our willingness to work, with ready-made ideas about what we can do and for how long.

The full moon now draws our attention to what we should identify with… it can be just pleasant, where we don’t even notice it, but it can also be some serious denial that we have been putting off for a while and now it comes up again. We should accept this for something, only our will…

The last two days of the month are spent under the sign of Uranus, if instead of acceptance we choose loneliness or denial. Since these can have a long-term effect, we note that there are certainly things that we do not want to come clean about. Freedom is not always good, it is not always a solution – we will realize it over time.

(Gyula Csingráber)

The article is in Hungarian

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