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Patrick Duffy doesn’t mind being known more as Bobby than Patrick


It’s perfectly normal for him when people call him Bobby and not Patrick. On Friday, Patrick Duffy walked around Budapest, where he visited for the first time, and told nlc about his experiences.

He arrived in Hungary a few days ago Patrick Duffy, i.e. as most people know him: Bobby Ewing. THE Bouncing The actor who appeared in the romantic sports comedy not only works for us, but on his days off is trying to see as much as possible of our capital, where he is visiting for the first time, with his girlfriend, Linda Purl. It so happened that on Friday night they were walking in the Buda Castle District on their way to a church concert, when by sheer chance they walked into the student demonstration taking place in the area, he told nlc.

It was very exciting. I’ve experienced similar things in America when I was young, since I’m very old now. When I was a student in the 1960s, many students protested. What I saw yesterday reminded me of what I experienced in America at that time. We were demonstrating against the war, but it was also about something else. We wanted to show that we young people also want to participate in politics and take on the responsibility that comes with it. The older generations didn’t want us to get involved, but we did it just for the sake of it. The war gave us permission to have a say in everything that was going on in the country. I experienced something very similar yesterday.

He said that once he noticed that people were starting to recognize him, they left quickly, as this event was about the students and teachers, he didn’t want to distract them with his presence.

Péter Scherer and Patrick Duffy, the stars of Lepattanó (photo: Gordon Eszter, Lepattanó)

Patrick Duffy Csaba Vékes (Hello, My Life, Seventh Halberman) in his new film, a Bouncingplays a rich American who, instead of a soccer team, accidentally transfers a hundred million forints of support to a Hungarian button soccer team. The main role of the film Peter Scherer shaped, but on the day of our visit the Dallas its star Ferenc Elekcel filmed a joint scene. Duffy spends more than a week in Hungary and enjoys working with the cool Hungarian crew. You can read our extended interview with him at the beginning of next week.

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