Mazsi Berki may be pregnant – picture

Mazsi Berki may be pregnant – picture
Mazsi Berki may be pregnant – picture

As we wrote, Mazsi Berki, who is currently vacationing in Tenerife with her boyfriend, Zoltán, is bragging about her new luxury trip on her social media pages, which she hid from the public until now, but recently decided to show it anyway. Maybe because of what everyone is guessing under her latest photo, because her followers think that Berki Mazsi might already be pregnant.

The widow can’t stop showing off her luxurious lifestyle, she’s still posting pictures and videos of herself, in one of which she’s shown her long-hidden partner. But he shows many shots of himself in more beautiful places, but one of his pictures caused suspicion among his followers.

Although Mazsi Berki has recently undergone a complete transformation, he is almost unrecognizable. She owes her change not only to plastic surgery, but she has lost a lot of weight and does a lot of sports, so she likes to show off her checkered stomach, which she photographed from a different angle, and the speculations have already started, Krisztián Berki’s widow might be pregnant.

You’re pregnant?

– one of his followers asked the question, but Berki Mazsi has not answered it since then, but quite a few people have.

I think it could be easy, but it’s also true that it was photographed at the wrong angle, so it looks like it has a belly. In the meantime, it appears to be checkered – another commenter responded to the suggestion.

Come on, you have a checkered belly! – another follower wrote indignantly, who completely disagrees with the suggestion that Berki Mazsi is expecting a child. The widow has not yet answered her followers’ questions, but she is showing more and more pictures of her luxury vacation.

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