Taylor Swift’s private jet has a scary secret

Taylor Swift’s private jet has a scary secret
Taylor Swift’s private jet has a scary secret

Twelve-time Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift has a net worth of about $1.1 billion, one of which is a $40 million private jet.

With hundreds of millions of albums sold, the singer is one of the most successful actors in show business. Most recently, one of her private planes became the focus of interest, the registration number (N898TS) of which also includes the singer’s year of birth (1989) and monogram.

In addition, the plane has the registration number 13, considered unlucky according to superstition, for which, according to the singer, there is a personal reason.He was born on the 13th, he turned 13 on Friday the 13th, his first album became a gold record in 13 weeks and he sat in the 13th row at award ceremonies every time he won an award – writes Világgazdaság.

So perhaps his special attachment to this number is understandable. In any case, the magical number 13 has brought all the lucky things for the Grammy-winning singer so far, and that is why she has become almost obsessed with it.

The number 13 painted above the main cabin of the plane, its sumptuous interior, reclining leather seats, and a kitchen and bathroom equipped with high-end appliances provide luxurious comfort. In addition to the stylish private plane, he also owns two planes worth millions of dollars.

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