Zsuzsa Nyertes: “It was terrible to see my mother suffer and I couldn’t help”

Zsuzsa Nyertes: “It was terrible to see my mother suffer and I couldn’t help”
Zsuzsa Nyertes: “It was terrible to see my mother suffer and I couldn’t help”

Zsuzsa is the winner he has always had a very close relationship with his parents, which is why he took it so hard when he lost his father two years ago. Not so long ago, he had to worry about his 84-year-old mother.

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As he says Mama Lujza role model for the whole family. “He has three daughters and eight grandchildren. Although her health condition has deteriorated by now, movement is difficult for her due to spine surgery and osteoporosis, but she is an incredibly strong woman and bears the pain with dignity like a hero. Whenever I go over to him, he’s doing something, still very active. She washes, dishes, cooks or bakes her grandchildren’s favorite apple pie. He used to say that love can really be shown through cooking” – said Zsuzsa earlier, who now had to confess about a sad period.

“Mom really likes cleanliness around her, and after cleaning up, she accidentally slipped on the wet stone, which is how the accident happened. His femur was broken, so he had to be operated on, and the bone was fixed with screws. They don’t even take it out anymore, since your bone wouldn’t be able to handle the load on its own – told the Blinkand then added that he could not only worry about the old woman because of the surgery. – Mom, unfortunately, got pneumonia in the hospital, which is extremely dangerous at her age. It was very hot in the ward, then the heating season started, and mom was lying under the window, which was opened a crack because of the heat. We were very scared, we were worried about mom. It was horrible to see my mother suffer and I couldn’t help. But – incredibly – he survived, got better and better, so we could finally breathe.”

The actress has only one wish left, that her mother receive the appropriate follow-up care, so that she can at least be able to walk with a walker and take care of herself.

Meanwhile, last week Zsuzsa happily announced that her granddaughter was born three months ago, Olivia.

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