“You’re pregnant?” – Mazsi Berki published a suspicious photo

“You’re pregnant?” – Mazsi Berki published a suspicious photo
“You’re pregnant?” – Mazsi Berki published a suspicious photo

There is no doubt that Mazsi Berki is in one of the best shape of her life, and her private life has also been straightened out. With Zoltán, you can finally live the life you always wanted: they spend a lot of time together and are brought up in harmony little Emma and the businessman’s own child as well, and by the way, they travel around the world. Currently enjoying the sun in the Canary Islands, of which Mazsi himself shared quite a few photos on his Instagram page. However, one shot caught the attention of fans more than the celebrity could have imagined.

And why? We’ll show you right away!

Mazsi Berki is living the best period of her life (Photo: hot!)

Is the baby coming?

In the case of Mazsi, the rumor that is common almost every month once again spread: is the next baby coming? All this started to be spread by a commenter under the star’s latest photo, on which, by the way, she flashed her checkered belly, albeit from an unusual angle… The fans, on the other hand, didn’t need any more, they were waiting for an answer from Mazsi to the question he had just asked.

they wrote to Berki’s widow, and although Mazsi has not yet responded to the speculation, the other fans shared his opinion.

“I think it can be easy, but it’s also true.” she was photographed at the wrong angle and it looks like she has a belly. In the meantime, you can see that it is checkered said a more down-to-earth competitor, but there were those who saw the situation even more soberly.

Come on, you have a checkered belly!

– said another commenter, who is perhaps the closest to the truth.

However, since there was no official answer to the question, we will show you the recording in question, which you can watch by clicking HERE!

He would like a little brother for Emma

Although the photo is really deceptive of Mazsi, it was probably only the unusual pose that confused the fans. We cannot ignore the fact that the widow never hid it: she wants a big family, which is why she is also open to expanding their family. For now, however, there is little chance of this, since on the anniversary of Krisztián Berki’s death he declared that she just wants to focus on her little girl and her own psyche.

I have never been in such good shape in my life, so in the first round I am now focusing on myself, my physical and mental state. So, I’m not pregnant. I have a beautiful little girl and I focus on her

– said Mazsi, which means that the fans have to wait a little longer for their star to announce the big news…

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