RTL’s show had barely started, and the star child was already put out: that’s why he had to leave immediately – Domestic star


RTL has barely arrived The Traitors – Murder in the Castle 22 actors of the groundbreaking crime-reality show to the garden of the castle in Nádasdladány, after a quick, playful task, one of them had to go home already.

Not only the contestant who was sent home, but also the other actors’ mouths were left open-mouthed: that’s when they were faced with the fact that you can’t just be eliminated from this show as a victim of the murderers.

Traitors – Murder in the Castle is the first runner-up

The contestants were greeted by 22 signs in the garden, each with a statement. The presenter, Attila Árpa, asked everyone to answer the sentence that they think suits them best, but only one player can stand under each board. If two people choose one, they must discuss who stays at the table. Árpa did not hide that, like everything, this game also has stakes and significance.

“I think I’ll be the first to leave the game” – Summer Luca you selected this board.

The daughter of Krisztián Nyári, writer, slammer, activist, model, translator and lyricist, justified her decision by saying that just by looking at her, she really stands out from the crowd, which is usually not a good thing, and her luck is very bad if there is a worst version of something. happens to him.

– Thank you very much for your honesty – even if it was, because it is also possible that someone is already using tactics. And as I said at the beginning, this is a serious game about life and death. This means that only players who are self-confident, goal-oriented, mentally stable and who know what they want have a place here. There is no place in this game for a player who thinks he will be the first to leave the game. Luca, please leave the game! Now!

Luca Nyári walked away after a few seconds of hesitation. It was obvious that he was too, but the players were also shocked by their facial expressions, it was written on their faces that they were completely frozen.

– From the first moment, I had a bad feeling, and I somehow felt that there was something wrong with the linebacker standing under this innocent-looking small sign – said András Sváby even later behind the scenes.

– I hope this was a lesson for the others! That’s how much a life is worth in this game, it can end so quickly. One wrong decision, one mistake, and it’s over! And it will be like this for 12 days – Attila Árpa warned those who remained in the game.

Árpa with Attila’s daughter

A daughter was born from the marriage of Attila Árpa and Szabina Tomán: the 15-year-old Amira is protected from the public, it is curious if a photo in which she appears is shown anywhere.

Cover photo: RTL

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