The family is furious, Damu Roland’s grave was severely damaged


Slowly two years ago on December 27 Damu Roland died tragically suddenly in the hospital. Bar in the past period, it seemed that his family members could finally remember the actor in peace and tranquility, however, something shocking appeared before their eyeswhen they visited Roland’s grave the other day.

His family still misses Damu Roland (Photo: Bors)

One of the family members of the tragic actor, István Tóth, was shocked to tell Bors that unknown persons damaged Roland Damu’s grave.

We often visit Roland’s grave with family, acquaintances and friends, and this has happened in recent days as well. However, we were not prepared for what happened to us the last time. When we got to the resting place, we saw that Roland’s name had been blown out with paint and there were papers or letters strewn about demanding the repayment of his debt.

– said the actor’s relative, who also said that until now he thought these things have already died down.

Unknown people sprayed the actor’s name with paint (Photo: Zoltán Nagy)

They don’t know who it was

István and his family said that after they were over the shock, with a solvent the grave was cleaned and put in order. However, he said they were sure it wasn’t just vandalism.

We can be sure that they were adults, but we don’t understand that there are more humane methods for such problems. They could have contacted us by phone or on the Internet. Unfortunately, we would not have been able to help, because it was Roland’s business, from whom, how much he asked, and whether he arranged it! I think the family should be left alone, we just want people not to vent their anger on the grave

– said István, who said that they do not want to go to the police because of similar cases.

Dam Roland, Photo: Bors
The family asks people to leave Roland’s grave alone (Photo: Bors)

He was divisive, but to them he was a family member

Stephen puzzled by what had happened, but added that he was aware that Damu Roland was a divisive personality. But to them he was a beloved family member and they want the family to be left alone.

“I would like to ask people not to harm the grave.” We don’t want to harm anyone, we just want to remember our family member in peace. Besides, my mom still misses him and cries after him. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if she had gone out alone said István Tóth.

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